October 30, 2012

Day 30 of Reasons to fall for Autumn: Why, CANDY, of course!

OK... I know, I know...
Halloween is tomorrow...
& there will be Candy OVERLOAD
on every front!

And while I am not unlike the typical woman
who LOVES Chocolate...

 my FAVORITE "Fall" candy
is Candy Corn!

Isn't it pretty?
Oh MY!

Now - I had been thinking of this Day Reason for awhile,
& at the last minute, I began to panic...
It is October 30th & I had YET to see, find, or purchase
even one package of this traditional deliciousness...
Not ONE... & it was not for lack of trying!?
I am not a Candy Corn snob...
sure Brach's is the best...

...but I will settle for ANY brand!

Still - not a package in site at Walmart...
so I went searching...
you know - for YOU, the reader!
Three stores & who cares how many hours later,
I was able to reach way way back
& pull out the LAST package of Candy Corn in the store!

We are not big Trick or Treaters...
our daughter has never actually GONE out begging for candy.
She had school Halloween parties,
Costume parties for her BFF's Halloween birthday,
even Harvest parties at church...
but never a 'real' Halloween outing.
PLUS - she doesn't even really know what she is missing
because we have lived in this house for 15 years & had
(& I am not joking or exaggerating here)
THREE Trick or Treaters
in all those years!

So - we don't bother to buy bags of candy!
We will get a few little treats,
& you know her Grandma makes sure
that she gets a little Halloween stash,
but the one bag of Halloween candy
that I buy is Candy Corn!

With all three lovely Fall festive colors,
not to mention the yumminess factor,
these little gems have become part of 
what we LOVE about Autumn!

What about you?
Do you go all out for Halloween?
Do you buy bags and bags of candy... Do you run out?
Do you buy bags, knowing full well
that you are buying more than you 'need'?

Lastly, are you falling for Autumn yet?
I really hope you are!
It is (much like Candy Corn)
somewhat Divine!


OH - speaking of Autumn...
the Candy Corn Autumn Mix
(the one with the little Pumpkins...)
sigh... I have yet to find any of those either!

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  1. Oh, I love candy corn too! My belly hurt so bad last night because I ate too much of it. :)


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