October 10, 2012

Finding the Rhythm of Routine!

Day Reason #10 in our 31 Days Reasons to Fall for Autumn
is the Freshness of a New Schedule & Finding the Rhythm of Routine!

  After a Slower Paced Lazy-Days Summer,
Autumn comes Rushing In at us like a Cool Crisp Breeze
that both Refreshes your Soul & Reawakens a sense of Purpose.

While there is a sad goodbye to what is,
there is an underlying excitement of what may be...
We invite the Wind & Swing wide the Doors & Windows
to let it Blow through our Hearts & our Homes.

It is time... for New...  for Fresh... for the feel of the Return of Rhythm.

It can be scary... yes!
Leaning in to the Unknown...
the often Unplanned for.
Some times the passing of Summer
is much like the Dying of a Dream
but we simply Must lay it down... Release It...
in order to hear the Songs of Fall -
sometimes a gentle humming,
sometimes a roaring wind...
but always carrying a new Rhythm
that invites you to learn a new Dance!

Join the Dance of Autumn...
Be Bold...
Take a Risk...
Learn to Trust...
Allow Him to Lead you,
to Spin you, to Twirl you...
to make you Shine!

Dancing on the Wind...

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