October 16, 2012

Reason #16 to Fall for Autumn: Brisk Walks

Here we are,
already on Day Reason #16...

After several days working indoors,
I took the day 'off' from work,
& ventured outside for a Brisk Walk!

It was a Windy blustery kind of day...
& I could have easily changed my plans,
stayed in the warmth of home,
& busied myself with
worthy bossy lists.
However, I now know
the value & importance
of taking a break,
of stretching my legs & my mind.
Even if just for a few moments,
it does wonders
to breathe in the fresh air,
& move a bit to change your scenery
(& sometimes your perspective)
& allow the Lord to refresh you! 

Autumn offers up an amazing
array of weather...
chilly mornings,
still sun-bathed afternoons,
& cooler evenings...

So for Day Reason 16...
I encourage you to
break out of routine
& to not be afraid to
give yourself a break...
taking a quick walk outside
can help refresh & refocus you.
taking a walk in the Autumn
is a feast for the eyes!

Walk on!

1 comment :

  1. Love this! It sure does wonders
    to breathe in the fresh air... couldn't agree more. I just walk outside, take a deep breath and my heart smiles! :)


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