October 7, 2012

31 Reasons to Fall for Autumn (Day 7)

After a super busy, jam packed long weekend...
I am tapped out.
I already 'cheated' for one day
by reposting an old piece from 2008
so I didn't want to do that again
(especially already!)

The weekend was filled to the brim
with family celebrations
(my parents' 50th Anniversary
 that brought extended family in to town...
lots of food and laughter and sitting around visiting...
not to mention photo op's galore!
Today I was asked to go take pictures
of an Adventure Race
(Pirate-themed, mud fun race...
so I have been playing
with pictures all afternoon!)

I have been trying to think of a
Day Reason for this,
Day 7, of 31 Days
that would tie in to what
my weekend consisted of,
& the one thing that kept
coming back to me is this:

Golden Amber Rays of the Warm Autumn Sun,
Shining through the Crisp Cooler Air!

Aaaah - yes... that is definitely a reason to Fall for Autumn!
That sunshine that cuts through the colder temps
& helps to warm you up
& gives that little glow to every vista!
Isn't His Love like that?
It warms your soul & gives you a healthy glow
from the inside out!
It is subtle... not overpowering or hot like Summer...
the Autumn Sun is gentler somehow...
less intense & not in a hurry... 
I hope you were able to experience
a touch of it yourself this weekend
& to sit back & bask in it for even just a little bit!
It - & He - make all the difference! 

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the weekend events
that show what I am talking about:


Glow on!

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