October 22, 2012

Falling for Autumn... Rainy Day (22)

There is a quiet, holy hush
that sweeps in with
a morning rain...
Fall has arrived
and in the midst
of all her glory,
she is drenched...

With the downpour outside,
comes a snuggling closer inside...
just a few minutes longer,
skin to skin
under the warmth
of piles of fabric.

As the rain covers the rooftop,
and splashes the windows,
there is a longing for
a washing of my soul.

The Autumn rains seem
to usher in the cold...
they soak up the bright
glory of the trees...
the leaves drowning
and browning
and fallen
to the ground.

 Who hasn't felt the
clinging grasp of the
"No, Not Yet!"
...Who doesn't -
at one point or another -
want a "Do Over"
... a Second Chance
to Shine...

But with the Rain
there is the struggle of
both worlds colliding.
The passing of the
grasping "No Not Yet"
and the longing for the
next "Second Chance."

...and just then,
with mug in hand,
and praise on lips,
the Sunshine breaks through!

(Day Reason 22 to
Fall for Autumn:
Rainy Days!)


1 comment :

  1. The holy hush....my goodness I love that.

    this was beautiful. I felt it deep. Thank you!


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