October 14, 2012

Are you Falling for Autumn yet? (Day 14)

I hope that you are finding yourself falling for Autumn
as you read through this 31 Day series.

I hope that with each new Day Reason,
you find yourself paying more attention
to these everyday normal parts of Fall...
that they are grabbing hold of your attention
& causing you to slow down
- even just a little -
& drink it in!  

Here - where I live
(in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest)
- it is truly Fall!

                                   October 2012 Blessed Memories

The leaves are changing & falling
& the temperatures have dropped
& we even (finally!) got some rainy weather!
The colder, wetter days lead me in to Reason 14:

The smell of Burning... 
wood stoves...
hunters' campfires...
the dross off of our lives...
that which is pruned, dead, & no longer giving life...

Nothing screams Fall quite as loudly
as the faint smokey smell lingering
in damp mornings & chilly nights!
In my mind, I paint a picture of a mountain cabin...
leaves the colors of glory spread out all over the ground,
the threat of snow not too far off in the distance...
& a thin trail of smoke
rising up out of the chimney
like a smoke signal,
begging for the attention of the One
who alone can warm, sustain, & give comfort!

I pray the next time you get
a whiff of that Autumn air,
you too will see this picture
& know that He is always watching...
always waiting for you
to send Him a sign
- a signal -
a cry or prayer or praise...
He longs to be the One to come
running in when you are chilled & unsure...
After all, He is the Answer to every question...
the Solution to every frustration & trial...
He is the only One who truly
CAN warm, sustain, & comfort!

Picture if you will, a little shack...
& when you catch the scent of Fall,
know that Papa truly IS
watching over you,
desiring to wrap you up,
burn away that which is no longer needed,
& remind you once again,
that He is especially fond of you!

Happy Fall!

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