October 29, 2012

Reason 29 to fall for Autumn...

So let me tell ya,
NO ONE is more surprised than me
that I was able to hold out until October 29th...
but here we are...
near the end of the month
& Day Reason 29 is:

Okay... maybe not 'everything',
but how can one possibly fall for Autumn
& not fall for Pumpkin most-things?!

From Pumpkin Decorations & Candles

... to Pumpkin baked yumminess,
from pies to breads,
smoothies to ice cream,
Oh MY?!

to Pumpkin Hunting & Carving
& Roasting of Seeds...

to Room Sprays & Scentsy's,
& Bath & Bodyworks pumpkin anything...

Oh... ok - well,
I suppose it is POSSIBLE
to not love Pumpkin,
say, as much as ME...
Maybe you are not fond of the flavor (what?)
or the smell (get out?)
I'll fill you in on a little secret.
I can tell you something that just may make
even the most reluctant
Pumpkin lover

I promise you that you can trust me on this one...
You can NOT even taste it...
but Hungry Girl taught me a trick... 
You can make a cake
using only a mix & a can of pumpkin.
Because I love pumpkin,
I love it with a Spice Cake Mix
& a little extra added Pumpkin Pie Spice
but my girlie is not so much
a fan of all things pumpkin...
so I use a Devil's Food Chocolate Cake Mix
(& said can of pumpkin)
Mix together... add nothing else...
and bake according to directions.
No frosting is even needed...
this is so moist and delicious
AND you are getting a serving of FRUIT
WITH your cake!

WIN WIN I say!
Check it out HERE.

And speaking of Pumpkins...

(Sorry... I couldn't help myself!)

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