October 25, 2012

Falling for Autumn... Day 25: Extra Cozy Blankets

Day Reason 25 to love Autumn:
Why, all the Extra Cozy Blankets, of course!!!

There is something wonder-filled
in pulling up high
the handmade quilt
passed down from 
Grandma or great Grandma...
simply adding that
extra layer
of cozy heaviness
draws us in
& gives us a sense
of safety & belonging!

I don't know about you,
but it seems like it is in the Fall
when we begin to spend more time
cuddled up, cozy, reading by soft lamplight
& snuggled closer, for a little longer
in the chilled morning darkness.

Where we live - it is a Gift if we are able to go a month
in between using air conditioning & heat!
Adding that extra blanket or quilt
can give us a few more days
or weeks...

...& seeing the old quilt,
spread smooth over our normal life
refreshes our sense of home
that started generations back...

...with snuggles, & family readings, & late night whispers
that will continue to help shape our generations to come!

Do you have any treasured items
passed down through your family,
or even just a favorite winter blanket,
that you add around this time of you
that help keep you warm,
figuratively and literally?
If not...
I encourage you to go find something,
buy it - & begin now
to make memories built around it
that you can pass down
to future children 
or grandchildren!


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  1. Anonymous7:23 AM

    It's a great thing, to be purposeful about what we're handing down to our children. Whether our faith, or some special element from everday family living! Also - I like the look of a fireplace-headboard...cool stuff. :)


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