October 24, 2013

Day 24 - Praying for Allume

Today is Day Twenty-Four of 31 Days of Encountering God! If you missed the kick-off, you can go HERE and find the Introduction as well as each days post! (I will be adding every day as the month goes on!)

Believing that we will Encounter God...
(Praying for Allume)

Today is the day, ya'll!  Allume officially begins this afternoon and all the months of planning and praying will be lifted up and given over into His hands... where whatever it is that He has planned for each of us will happen - and Lord, let that be enough.

I remember this day last year... I was at home, having just recently discovered what Allume even was (it's a writers/bloggers conference) and feeling like I was so not a part of what God was doing. I know, I know - He does more than just one conference... still - with all the hype and excitement, it felt like I was just a little too late to get in on the party. A day late and a dollar short... such is life on a single income tight budget, on the west coast.  It seems all the cool kids are conferencin' it up on the East side All. the. Time.  

I share that because I know that chances are good that many of you are home reading this, wishing maybe that you were not... wishing that you were (fill-in-the-blank, really!)  Can I remind you that wherever you are, there He is.  Can I assure you that you can have an encounter right where you are... you don't need to travel across mountain ranges and time zones to find Him or His favor!  I am praying for you - yes, YOU... as I am soaking up all that I can while I am at Allume this year.  Because mostly - I want to pour it all out... I want to take it home and fling the seeds planted here with reckless abandon and watch and see you grow right along with me!  Also - if I am honest - I am praying for you because chances are really good that I will not make it back next year.  I want to remember that when I invite Him in and rejoice with those who are rejoicing... I really am with the Cool Kids... Jesus and I - we make a great team... and we here on the Internet know very well, you don't have to be physically beside someone to be there with them just the same.  (OK - not just the same... but you know what I mean!)

Pray with me, won't you?  Pray that God will have His way... that He will cover the speakers and the leaders and the attendees... that we will shine brightly for Him throughout this packed hotel and all around town... Pray that we will have an encounter with God even while we are finally encountering one another face to face, hugging proper and crying real tears.  Pray that the most important connection we make is with HIM and Him alone - and that everyone else who blesses our time is simply an extension of that!

Not wanting to leave you empty handed today, I thought I'd share this video... it's my new favorite!  I love this song right now anyway - but then you go and have Jenn Johnson sing out spontaneously in the midst of it and ...just wow!

Crank it up... soak it in!

...and know that I am thinking of you!

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Please know that even though I am at Allume, I have written some new posts for you to enjoy while I am gone... and when I (finally) do get back to my own computer... I will pour out whatever was poured in to me while I am here!  I believe in Impartation - and I am praying that whatever I receive, I will pass on to you!
I hope you come back and join me tomorrow for Five Minute Friday!


  1. Have fun! Cab't wait to hear all the love!

  2. Beautiful writing! Have fun love!!!!


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