October 7, 2013

Encountering God in Marriage - Day 7

Today is Day Seven of 31 Days of Encountering God! If you missed the kick-off, you can go HERE and find the Introduction as well as each days post! (I will be adding every day as the month goes on!)

Encountering God in Marriage... 

This post right here could go several ways!  I mean - honestly!  

I will just say straight out - I am a blessed woman. I live a charmed life and but for the grace of God - well... somehow I won out and God gave me the perfect match.  Is he perfect? No... but neither am I!  Are we perfect together... pretty close!

I have learned a LOT about God from watching my husband.  He really is Jesus with skin on to me and while I am careful to not put him too high up on a pedestal... the guy has pretty much blown my mind in his consistently being all Awesome and Christlike.  

I realize that this is sadly not always the case... we can't all (or any of us, always) look at our spouse or significant other and say - yeah... that's exactly how God loves me.  But oh how I love it when we can... when we look for those moments and speak life to them... point them out and say Thank You!  We have purposed to look for the good and call forth the gold in our marriage and in the lives of those around us! (You know... that whole "Speak Life..." thing!)

God has done some amazing healing in my heart as I have watched my husband live with me and love me through some things! I have lived over half of my life with this man... we are fully invested and firmly planted - but still, this is real life right?

We miscommunicate... we take each other for granted... we want to say, "It's your turn" or "It's your shift" or just "You're it... not me!"

We battle all those childhood issues... the things in your parents' marriage that you thought (or feared) were 'normal'... My Honey has often shown me that there is a different way... the cycle doesn't have to repeat itself.  I'd like to think that I have shown him some things as well!  We were raised differently - but are blessed that both sets of parents love each other and loved us kids and they honestly both did a great job at raising us.  Yet - just because we were raised a certain way... given a certain set of tools... this doesn't mean that we can't learn a different way!  It's that whole Two-becoming-one-flesh deal that can get oh so messy and I am ever thankful that my husband models how he loves me after how God loves me!  Sometimes it simply takes my breath away... his willingness to serve and take care of me... the grace extended and love poured out.

Yeah... I am blessed.

I have been able to encounter God in our marriage not only in how my Honey loves me... and how I love him... not only in how God has given us ways to better communicate and how we work through the hard... and laugh through the good.  But also in how we prefer one another... how we protect each other and speak well of each other - whether the 'other' is around or not!

While I was raised with all kinds of Worry and Fear... My Honey is the picture of pollyan   Peace and Faith.  This simply means he has had to extend all sorts of grace and practice patience with me (You're welcome, Honey!)  I remember one definite God Encounter that I had while we were on a much needed vacation. We had been married for maybe 5 years, parents for 3, and we had a lot of change and pressure coming at us all at once. We hit the road, kidless, and headed straight for Cali-  Driving along the Pacific Coast Highway was a highlight, but when we got stuck in LA rush hour traffic, I was hyperventaliting, praying in tongues, and just So. Over. it!  This girl just wanted to be knocked out! It was Too. Much! I am a small town girl and Rush Hour that starts at 3pm makes no sense. I thought we'd made good time and would miss the infamous bumper to bumper stand still by at least a couple of hours! Not so.

I literally asked my husand to just punch me in the face. I promised I wouldn't be mad and I would come to once we were out of imminent danger and I am pretty sure I meant the whole thing.  He graciously said no. I could not believe it? He simply refused!  Instead, he cranked up some worship music and invited me to sit back... to close my eyes, and to worship. (Yeah... he's smart like that!)

What I didn't expect - or remember - was that Jesus was in the car with us too.  As soon as I closed my eyes and laid my head back, I could 'see' in the spirit and Jesus was sitting right beside me.  Now - this was all in my imagination... I'm pretty sure this was not an open vision or a dream... I was wide awake - but I refused to open my eyes to the madness going on all around me!  Instead, I looked at Jesus and sweetly asked Him, "Soooo... will YOU knock me out?"

He too refused... instead, He stood up... held out His nail scarred hand, and asked me to dance.

In my minds eye, I took His hand and let Him lead me across a dance floor. He held me close and we glided, twirling and spinning and swaying to the music. It was beautiful. Peaceful.  When the worship song playing in the car began to fade, Jesus pulled back from me just enough to look me in the eyes, smile, and He asked, "Now, wasn't that better than being punched in the face?"

He was right... it was so much better! Well - to be completely honest... I don't know. I've never actually been punched in the face, but I feel confident in my answer!

Dancing with Jesus? It's WAY better than being punched in the face!

I have encountered God in my marriage in the good times... and in the bad times! He is always with us... always at work for us, to bring about His good and perfect will. When I look for Him - not only in my marriage, but in any area of my life, I know I will find Him! (Remember? He promised us that!)

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What about you? 
How have you encountered
God in your marriage?


  1. Karrilee, I, like you, am the fortunate wife of a patient and loving husband, who speaks life-giving words. I have learned much from how he cares for me and treats me in the small things. We have largely grown up together...without him, I would be in such a different place today. He encourages my growth and godliness and is a continual presence of unconditional love. I truly learned about the love of Jesus by experiencing the way my husband loves me. As you say, it is never perfect, but I am thankful to have this representation of Godly love. Thank you for your post today, friend. So good to celebrate the good of a good marriage!

  2. This is beautiful... Listening prayers are hard to do, but I want to practice His Presence more and more. Thank you for sharing about them. The prayer is lovely.

    Deb Weaver


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