October 19, 2013

That Thing I Do Now - Vol 15

Hello there!

I am so thrilled that this "...Thing I Do Now" brings us together on a Saturday morning hopefully with a cup of coffee or something warm and a bit of reading time!  Fifteen weeks, ya'll? It really has turned into a Thing... I know that we are all busy and some weeks are even more crazy than normal... so it's nice to get a few highlights of Awesomeness that we may have missed!

I am always on the lookout for new spaces, bloggers/writers I don't know or haven't discovered yet, and love to not always divert to the 'big names' - although the ones I mention over and over are among my favorites - and it is my list sooo... still - over the next couple of weeks, my lists may be shorter as I will be traveling and not quite as 'plugged in' as normal - so if you think of someone I haven't mentioned yet, or if you remember reading something Awesome that is not listed below - please mention it in the comments! (This is the case for ANY week, really!)

With that said... I may or may not take a week or two off from this but rest assured, I am not bailing on ya'll! (I am just oober busy and not actually sitting in front of a screen for the next couple of weeks!) #Hallelujah (and the Hubby says, "Amen!")

Anyway... here is your gathering of Awesome for this fine Saturday morning...
(So - because I may be less 'around' for the next couple of weeks, I added some extra links! Yeah... because that's how I love you!)

Happy Reading!

* This post by Sarah Bessey 'in which' she explains why she likes going to church... (yeah - I know... she was here last week... and I did it again...)

* This post by Lisa Jo Baker... because this Mama can so undo me! Every. Time.

* This post by Settle Monroe over at SheLoves magazine on why Art matters!

* This post over at Scissortail Silk on Eve's Nasty Hand-Me-Downs! So good!

* This one by Mary DeMuth on building fences - not fortresses!

* This one by Rebecca Reynolds over at Story Warren will leave you speechless... in all the best ways!

* This post by Tina Francis on Jerry Springer Scones...

* This 31Day post by my friend Jennifer Camp over at You are My Girls... where she asks, "...are you letting God, your maker, lead? Who is deciding who you really are?"

* This post by Jennifer Renee Watson over at Broken Girl where she talks about Bloggers and calls us to stop comparing... stop tearing down... instead, she asks: "What would happen if we stopped trying to fit a certain mold and went on a mission to do our part instead?"  Yeah... what if we do that?

* This one by Jen Hatmaker on the Mystical "They"... so good!

* This 31Day post that stood out to me was posted by Gary Morland in his series "A Family Like Yours" because, honestly, who can't use a little Mr. Rogers on a Saturday morning?

* The post by me on Encountering God while Finding my Story... "Looking back on it now, however… I see.  I see how as I gave up my idea of how these gifts would work, He allowed them to flow in ways I would have never expected. Ministry is not something we do… it’s something that organically happens because it comes out of who we are – everywhere we go."

And lastly - our video... because that's how we do!  So this one is a little bit of a throwback from a few months ago but in all my reading about and making of Art lately - this keeps creeping in as I create...

I have been loving these recaps... and as I mentioned above, the next two weeks may be (will be - let's just be honest!) hit and miss... but I will not abandon you! Afterall - I am here to serve you up a weekly gathering of Awesome... and now that we've started this thing - well, #wecantstop... #wewontstop

(...and you're welcome for that!)

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