October 20, 2013

Day 20... A little Worship and Prayer

Today is Day Twenty of 31 Days of Encountering God! If you missed the kick-off, you can go HERE and find the Introduction as well as each days post! (I will be adding every day as the month goes on!

Happy Sunday!  Today I wanted to keep it simple... I am including a video of one of my favorite places to worship - where spontaneous and prophetic worship unfolds, as well as a prompt for a little Listening Prayer... I pray you will enter in with me, right where you are today - and whether you have five minutes, or fifteen, or longer... Press In to Him and invite Him in to your day! Tomorrow I will share an Encounter with God that changed the way I pray... and the faith and peace that I have in the midst of praying for the big things and the little things because of it!

Spontaneous worship...

Listening Prayer...

Father God...
  Let Joy arise...
because our Hope is in You!
What is it today,
that You would say to me, Lord?
 What do You want my heart
to know for sure?

(Wait... write... pray it through! Add your own Amen!)

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  1. That is powerful worship. Thank you for this. I missed worship today since I was in with the preschoolers. Hope you had a great weekend! Love, Rachael

  2. Mmmmm! I love that my church has this same worship spirit and anointing. Love the prayer. Have a blessed week my friend!


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