October 12, 2013

That Thing I Do Now... Vol 14

Good morning!  I hope you are having a great Saturday so far!  We are at a retreat this morning... completely in our element: worshiping, praying, painting... pressing in and opening the doors for others to come too!  So - I have been compiling this list through out the week, so that I would still be able to share all sorts of Awesome with you, the internet, on a Saturday morning!

Here is your Random list... here is me, hookin' you up...

* This post by Hannah about our body image issues is so amazing... it was actually posted last week, but I just found it this week and couldn't let it's Awesomeness slip by unnoticed!

* This post by Kelli Woodford over at Chronicle of Grace where she just lays it out as she kneads the dough... she hosted the link up for Concrete Words this week and the prompt was Bread!

* This post by Bronwyn Lea is just all sorts of Beauty and Grace... Cancer is not her tagline... breathe in deep... then read this slow. And let's pray... Let's not forget to pray!

* This post by Jamie Wright over at Jamie the Very Worst Missionary on the dangers of "...it'll be better when..." where she shares this: "When is a dangerous place to hang your Hope."

* This one by Matt Walsh on how his wife is ...just a mother. Which is sort of like looking at the sky and saying, “hey, look, it’s just the sun.” Yeah - I loved him before this post... I'm just sayin'!

* This one by Sarah Bessey... In which she talks about how she was backing out of If:Gathering but now she is all in! (Did ya see what I did there?)

* This 31Day post by Emily Freeman on the one word that is sabbotaging the art you live...

* This post by Angi Pratt for Five Minute Friday on "Ordinary"... click over to Lisa-Jo's link up and honestly - you will find all KINDS of Awesome Sauce over there - each and every week!

* This 31Day post that stood out to me was posted by my sweet friend Rebekah Ellis over at Three Bees in a Blue Bonnet that opens our eyes to reality... and offers a challenge!

* The post by me on Listening Prayer got the most hits this week...

Lastly - our video... because that is how this works! I found this one over at Ann Voskamp's this week  - and I am hoping it sticks with me for years to come!

Soooo... there ya go! I have set you up once again with all sorts of amazing reads for your weekend enjoyment - just don't forget to unplug and live in the real world... face to face... connecting!

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