May 6, 2014

When You Make a Map and Go Out Looking For (His) Treasure...

It was several years ago at a writer's conference in California that I first saw this little book... I was drawn to it, but I confess - I did not buy it. Not then.  Not for a year or so actually. It scared me. At first glance, this was not my kind of book.  I am an introvert not an evangelist.  I am not your average street corner preacher... even if I do have sidewalk prophet tendencies.  

Mostly, I whisper it quiet... I hear from God.  I say it hushed at first because it can seem strange, be misinterpreted, make people feel uncomfortable - but is this not what should be breaking our hearts?

God WANTS to be heard.  He is speaking to us - all of us - in our every days and He desires that we catch the tune of the melodic love song that He is constantly singing over us.  I don't always hear it, oh but when I do...  When I do, I remember that He is singing all the while and once again I let Bossy Lists, multi-tasking, earthly chatter, every day living, and all the noise crowd out His still small Voice.  I don't mean to... it just happens!  

Eventually this little book found it's way to me.  My little group of Happy Intercessors read through it slow several years ago.  Only one or two of us were bold and excited to approach strangers; the rest of us were scared... more than a little shy and unsure!  But here's the deal... we were kindred and we knew we each heard from God! We had spent years tuning in to His heart and practicing quieting ourselves to hear Him speak while gathered together. 

So at the end of each chapter... we would pull out a piece of paper, and pray - and write down "clues"... we didn't wait long... didn't over-analyze it... just wrote down the random things that entered in to our minds.  Next we would share our lists and make a Treasure Map... and then the fun would begin. Sure - knees knocking and half hoping we would come up empty-handed, but fun was at the center of our search as we headed out in teams to bless our city because here's the deal - here is the message of that book:

Find people and tell them that God treasures them!

Simple... no pressure, no twisting arms, no doom and gloom...
just show them the Map, tell them that we were sent there to find them and let them know how crazy in love He is with them, and then offer to pray!

Easy Peasy. 

I share that here because other than a handful of times, I haven't done that on purpose - with intention - for quite awhile and just like with anything, if you don't practice it can feel like you are starting from zero all over again. (Hint - It may feel like it, but you aren't! You have all that past experience behind you now... all those testimonies and treasures found to stir you up!)

Last week, during Soar (the Bible college/BSSM satellite school we attend) we went out on a treasure hunt.  I teamed up with My Honey and another friend Steve, and we prayed, made our maps and hit the road looking for whomever God would highlight to us.  This is literally taking the call He gave me to another level... to Speak Life, to Be Love, to Shine On... This puts feet on that statement and my how I fight off fear of man, but I lean in and do it anyway! I am learning that we just need to do it! Do it brave, or do it scared, but for the love - let's just do it! (Nike got that right!)

So - here is a peek at my Map...

We set out on foot because last Wednesday it was Gorgeous, ya'll - and one of our clues was park.  There were two within walking distance and we assumed with it being so nice, there would be people out enjoying the near-summer like weather!

The park was empty... but another clue was Bird bath, which this park had.  Then we noticed three people sitting on their front stoop across the street from the park, and they had a Black (rod iron) Fence on the porch, which was also on our Map.  We approached them a bit shyly, asking them about a car accident that had just happened in the park the week before.  They were ready to share their experience and how the accident had impacted them.  We then explained what we were doing and that we felt that God led us to them... that they are treasured by God and so very loved.  They remained open and we were able to pray simply for one need, and then another, and then another.  At one point when my Honey was sharing more things on his Map, one of the men asked, "Who have you been talking to?"

"God.  We've been talking to God!" was the only answer to give.

In talking of physical issues, neck pain was on our Map and the gal had already had two surgeries and was going in for a third.  She let me lay my hands on her and pray... twice... as she felt heat go through her body and pain leave.

Yes... God.  We've been talking to God.  The God who loves... who heals... who sees.

As I wrapped up my prayer for her neck, I heard Him whisper a word of encouragement for her, and as I shared that, she began to cry... nodding her head, trying to believe that what He said about her was true. We saw Hope begin to unfold as we walked away, looking for more people to bless.

"For God so loved the world... that He gave His only Son..."

He is giving still...

P.S.  Speaking of giving... (ya see what I did there?) If you want to help be an encounter... to put some feet on 'Speak Life. Be Love. Shine On.' in a different way, we are still raising funds for Phase 2 to help build a Community Kitchen and Welcome Center in South Africa.

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When was the last time you heard (or sensed, felt, discerned) God speak your name or sing over you? Have you ever? What kind of God Encounters have you had, and have you ever BEEN one for someone?

More than anything you hear today - more than any words that I can write... I want you to hear Him speaking... to hear His words over you... singing and sinking into your heart!

He LOVES you... you are His Treasure!


  1. Anonymous4:53 AM

    What a beautiful post, Karrilee! That must be such an experience to share with others as God leads so immediately. This is another book I need to add to my list! Thanks so much for linking up to Testimony Tuesday!

    1. What I love about it Holly is it of course is a blessing to those who are 'found'... but it is such a blessing to those on the hunt as well - it confirms that we are hearing from God... that so many of those little thoughts or ideas that we can push aside as our own or silly really are from Him!

  2. Great reminder to share His Story, His love. At youth group they have been going through "The Way of the Master" course. I sat in on a few of the sessions and was really challenged to share Jesus with those I encounter. It is "easy" for me to type about Him but much harder for me to share His love in person with a stranger. Thanks for this reminder!:)

    1. I am with you there Katie! I can Speak Life. Be Love. Shine On in stellar fashion from behind a screen... but it must be part of real life... and who doesn't need to be reminded that they are treasured by God?

  3. Amen sweet sister. You are a treasure.

  4. I have heard about these Treasure Hunts....Holy Spirit led and God powered. This was an inpiration; thank you for sharing.

    1. Jody... they are so fun (once I get over myself and that pesky fear of looking silly!)

  5. This is amazing because last year, I was out witnessing and came across a group of three people who were also making a map and looking for His treasure. This is only the second time I have heard of it!

    1. Geraldine, that is great! I love hearing of other Treasure Hunters out there... spreading His love and shining their lights! It's super fun - once you get brave enough to approach the person He has led you to!

  6. Anonymous8:13 AM

    I'm going to have to remember not to read your posts at the office-I'm about ready to cry! What a beautiful experience. An amazing testimony to God's power and love. Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by! I trust the tearing up was Him... drawing you near! I pray you hear Him speaking, singing over you, today!

  7. I love a good treasure hunt. I am always so blessed at how God moves when we step out. Blessings!

    1. Amen Barbie! They are so out of my comfort zone - but I am always so blessed when I just do it anyway! Love you friend! (Praying for your Mama this morning!)


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