May 17, 2014

That Thing I Do Now - Vol 44

Happy Spring everyone!  We have actually had near Summer-like conditions this week... temp's in the 80's and 90's and I am in love with all the blue skies and flowers in bloom and sunshine, warm on my shoulders. (And clearly I am not an allergy sufferer! I do feel for ya'll!)

Because of that... and well, last week (as I mentioned) was hard... my list may be shorter than usual. Then again... as I search out a few things, I just may find more than enough! So I am off, collecting a Gathering of Awesome... let's see how I did!

Happy Reading!

* This one by Emily Freeman on the Sacred Work of Sitting... "We like to talk about celebrating the gifts, but facing the losses might be important, too. Not to wallow, but to keep company with them long enough to recognize what part they play in our story, to name them, and eventually release them in the presence of Christ.

Sit and consider what you no longer have to hold or what you’ll soon need to let go."

This post by Jamie Wright with a little reality check and a refreshing approach to parenting in 'Not All Pastor's Kids Are Christians'... "We are so incredibly proud of the bright, thoughtful, courageous heathens we're raising. And while, as Christian parents, we cling to certain hopes and dreams for our children's faith and future, we trust that the God we believe in is near to them, fully present, and doing His thing."

* This post by Cindy Coloma over at Outside the City Gates on When You Are Counting On Change... "Change is the unexpected guest that we should always anticipate by savoring the now and not digging in to the belief that now will always be. That we own our today.  Because change never fails to show up."

* This post by Alia Joy on making beautiful amends... "We are a partnership built of sorrow and grace and joy. I know now what I never knew as a girl, these things are not opposed. We find our filling in God alone and only then in each other. We are never enough.

My mind has been tempted with all the ways I chose poorly, or he did, when we said I do and committed our lives without having any idea what that meant. But we know now."

* This one features two of my favorites in one post!  Read words by Kristen Welch & Ann Voskamp on How to Say Yes to God When Safe Faith is No Longer Enough... "...for most of my pew sitting years, I ignored something very important. I was full of faith, but I wasn’t obedient. I could quote scripture and talk about all my blessings, but I couldn’t show you my faith in action. And it took an orphan boy’s question to shake me to the core."

* This post right HERE from Abiding Love, Abounding Grace where I talk about Living a Lifestyle of Worship...  "Worship is the constant breathing in and out with His breath in our lungs... it's the gifts of blessing out in the wide open and hidden in darker corners of our days.  Worship is an All In attitude and a heart surrendered to his goodness."

Finally... this weeks' video pick, because that is how we do... This was a post by Sarah Bessey  so it's like a win-win!  In Which You Are Not Forgotten...

So - what did you think? Had you read these yourself already?  Did you find something that is not listed above? If so - share some Linky Love in the Comments below!


  1. Thank you for continually sharing the beauty you find. Encourages my heart. Have a blessed weekend.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Barbie! Praying you have a blessed weekend as well my friend!

  2. Great quotes! Thanks for sharing these strengthening words & for visiting my blog Doorkeeper. Blessings!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Renee! I hope you know you can click on each name and it will take you directly to the post that I am quoting! Each one is worth reading!


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