May 27, 2014

He sees you as His Bride

It is that glorious season... the end of May and beginning of June just feels like they were made for romance and wedded bliss.  Of course, we know 'wedding season' is all year long and romance and bliss is so much more than fairytale dust and wishing wells! 

If we want it... if we really, really want it... well - we must decide ahead of time and not only be prepared to battle and fight for it, but ultimately, we must be willing to be fought for and accept the gift of already being the Bride.

These girls... 

...they have been friends for years and as life tends to do, it has thrown some curve balls and there has been all kinds of drama and their friendships have ebbed and flowed but when the first of them sent out invitations to attend her wedding, there was no doubt that they would all go and celebrate together!

When my girlie gave me a recap of the ceremony and all the beauty surrounding the day, she made a statement that was both true, and powerful. She simply said, "She looked like perfection - a gorgeous Bride... and she was so happy!"

There was no hint of comparison or jealousy... it was a simple, true statement. And then it hit me, this is how our Bridegroom sees us... every day! Not 'then'... not in the far off future... but every single time He looks at us, He sees His Bride.  

He sees us as Beautiful. 

He sees us as His - right now, today!

There is something swoon-worthy when I hear a man refer to his wife, after years of marriage, as his Bride.  It sounds so romantic, but what it really says is that through it all... through the inevitable ups and downs of living a life together... he still treasures her and claims her as his own! He sees her as his Love... his Bride... he still chooses her and will say so in front of anyone and everyone.

I don't know about you, but whether we are talking about real life here and my own marriage, or we are talking about the Bigger Picture and the One to whom I am betrothed, I can forget that I am a Bride.  I can feel anything and everything BUT ...uh, Bridal?  Anything and everything but perfection, or beautiful, or glowing, or treasured.

But if we have learned anything, we have learned that just because we FEEL something, that doesn't make it real!  

I think we come in line with lies on a daily basis and we feel them so often that they seem normal and we believe them because of the consistent way we give them room. 

They feel true.  But they are not Truth
There is a difference!

We talk about being real and vulnerable, and I pray we are all risking it more often now.  We talk about silencing the negative self talk and not agreeing with the enemy, and I pray we agree, at least, with more hesitation. It's a start.

But here's the deal... on our Wedding Day?  Well... the whole day can be less than perfect (Hint: for those still unwedded ones... it will be! I promise. It will be less than perfect. This is real life!) Some thing or things can (and probably will) go wrong but the overall feeling of the day is this: You are Breathtaking... you are a Beautiful Bride! 

We expect it... we feel it... we believe it... if only for that one single day! There is something about Joy and Love and Hope all on display, wrapped in White and surrounded by Flowers... a Radiance that speaks louder than anything else and that captures the heart of your beloved.

This Stirring...  this Longing... this Pride and 'She chose me!' and Love spilling out all over the place?  This is what He sees every time He looks at us!

He sees us through the sacrifice and redemption... He sees us how He created us and as the one He intended for us to be.  When He looks at us and bids us to come... when He speaks your name, He says it with so much Love... so much passion... so much Amen!

Let's try to view ourselves and each other the way He views us.  Let's determine to silence the whispers that tell lies and sow doubt and instead, let's be brave enough to trust Him and realize that He sees us and He loves us and He is for us and standing at the altar, waiting for us to march down that aisle... longing for us to believe Him when He says that we are Beautiful!

I don't know about you, but the thought of Him, so lovingly filled with pride that I am His... well, it stirs my soul and rearranges my priorities and what I wouldn't give to spend some time with Him... and everything within me cries out:
The Spirit and the bride say, “Come.”
                                                                                     Rev 22:17 NASB 

So as Summer unfolds and invitations come your way, while you are admiring the Bride, can I invite you to remember that the Lord your God... He is admiring you!

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When you hear "My Bride" what vision comes to mind? Do you ever envision yourself? I pray you see now that you should... because when He looks at you, that is how He sees you! 

Radiant. Glorious. Beautiful.



  1. Karrilee, what a wonderful reminder of the sacrifice and redemption of Christ and who we are in Him. Great post. Stopping by from Testimony Tuesday.

  2. Anonymous5:42 AM

    Karrilee, I wanted to be a bride all my life and after a disastrous marriage, I've wanted to be a bride again, only with a godly spouse this time. Love that we are the Bride of Christ in the church and am grateful for His redemption. Thanks for linking up for Testimony Tuesday!

    1. Oh Holly... isn't it amazing to know that in His eyes, we are Always His Bride? His opinion of us or love for us never shifts or changes... He is always for us and with us and desiring to be by our side! So glad you stopped by!

  3. Such an encouraging and affirming post! It really spoke to me. It is all too easy to think the worst of ourselves as we try to measure up to worldly standards, but when we remember Whose we are and what He thinks of us then all other comparisons pale into insignificance. Thank you for this great reminder, Karrilee. It was a word I needed to hear. I'm so pleased you were my neighbour over at Holley's place! God bless you :)

    1. Joy - it is refreshing and amazing to remember that, really - His opinion of us is the only one that truly matters... and then to realize that His opinion of us is always better than our own... that He desires with desire to be with us... just wow, right? (And now I am off to visit your place too!) Thanks so much for stopping by!

  4. Oh, Karrilee! This is such a beautiful post. It made me cry. I often forget that God loves me that much...I needed this reminder today, especially. SO thankful for you!

    1. Cheryl - we all need the reminder that we are cherished and treasured, yes? For there are so many days when we feel just the opposite... but our feelings may feel true - but they are not Truth! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  5. Karrilee, what a gift. Thank you for this, my friend. Thank you for the reminder that we are treasured like this right through the midst of the imperfect and into eternity. I needed this glimpse of how loved, treasured and adored I am by him. I love you.

    1. Sweet Ashley... I adore you... and He does too! (We all need a glimpse!) Love you right back, my friend!

  6. I imagine all women as His fair maidens. We are beloved daughters of a worthy King. This is beautiful Karrilee.

  7. This was such a good read at such a good time... with many friends engaged or close to it, this single girl needs a reminder like this every once in a while. :) Thank you for the reminder that I'm already a Bride, already chosen, already loved, and none of that is going to change.

    1. Isn't that just the best? That no matter what... none of that is going to change? I love you so!

  8. Such a reminder of that He sees us so different than the world does. He sees us through His love.

  9. Anonymous5:33 PM

    This post made me feel beautiful - such hope and encouragement that we only need claim as our own from God. As a single mama, this reminder brought me hope and a sense of belonging. Visiting you from Barbie's place. Weekend blessings! Mary

    1. Mary... I love this comment oh so much! This is it... right here... no matter if we are single or married... this is the Truth that pursues us relentlessly and is passionately in love with us... that He looks at us and calls us His... almost as if He is bragging... oh how we belong, my friend! So thankful you stopped by, and took the time to comment too! Thank you for that!


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