May 4, 2014

What I Learned in April...

I know - I am like a broken record when it comes to this link up... it's time for "What I Learned..." over at Emily Freemans' place!  It's a super fun (some silly, some serious) chance to look back and list off random things that we have learned in the past month!  For most of us - well, we have great intentions of keeping a running list... seriously ya'll? That rarely has happened with me, so if you are thinking you would like to play along but can't remember - refer back to all sorts of social media and remind yourself what you learned and work from there! That is totally what I am doing (again!)

So - here we go!  Let's see what I learned...

Random Things that I learned in April:

1. I learned that when someone calls and requests a commissioned prophetic art piece - just pray and jump in, and then don't stop!  It had been months since I have pulled out the paint and cleared off my creative space.  I haven't done too many commissioned works so far, so it turns out I am not so good at price setting or - well, coming off professional at all.  However, I prayed and instead of second guessing (because, you know, I gave up Self-Doubt and all...) I just dove right in and got my hands in the paint.  I was so happy with the end result, but even better than that is my client was thrilled.  The message God gave is having a ripple effect in the family and the gift just keeps on giving!  In fact, after I finished that painting... I didn't want to stop - so I created a couple more canvases! Let's make art!
(This one is mine... I can't show the commissioned piece because it is a gift!)
But I am so glad that I didn't stop creating once the creativity was flowing!

2. I learned that sometimes, the goals you set for yourself can be met ahead of time when the reward is not only climbing to the top, but drinking in the views...  My Girlie and I have started a new workout routine.  We go on walks.  Seriously - after her morning classes, and before she has to go to work - we pull on some shorts and tennis shoes and hit the road.  Usually about 3-4 miles and I love it because, hello - that is an hour of talking with my Girlie! Plus - bonus - we live in a gorgeous little town! We had thought of slowly increasing our routes but when the orchards at the top of the hill were all in bloom overnight, they beckoned us to come up higher and we pressed on just so we could see it all up close!

3. I learned that when a friend is moving and offers you her new desk for a great deal, it's gonna require some long overdue cleaning and organizing of All The Desk Things!  A friend of mine was moving and had no room for her pretty sweet modern looking computer desk... she offered it to me and I said yes without hesitation because, mine was from the 90s... with a CD tower... because we're cool like that! So - I (finally) cleaned out our old desk and got rid of all the old pc games like Pajama Sams, Myst, and Nancy Drew... making room for my new (to me) desk and chair and realized 'modern' means no storage... but still - I love it!

4. I learned that not everyone is so blessed to be able to gather together for Easter Sunday but if you are, take a family portrait!  Even if the Littles don't want to! Also, it must be taken within two minutes or melt downs will occur!

5. I learned that when one of your oldest dearest friends says she needs to get out of town... you just go! I have this group of friends who I have sort of grown up with! Not literally, I guess - but we all met when we were in our 20's... new to marriage and motherhood, and we have raised our Littles together.  One of said friends had been in and out of hospitals and doctors offices with her parents and she just needed a change of scenery and maybe some laughing... definitely some laughing! We have amazing Honeys who just said "Go!" and so we packed up our bags on a Sunday night and left town on Monday... just a quick overnighter but oh how it was needed!  Those impromptu trips are the best! 

6. I (re)learned that I really, really love to set a pretty table and host a gathering!  Bonus when it's #inRL!  From the crafty parts to the menu planning to the gifts and prizes to the praying and inviting and praying some more... I love it all!

7. I learned that even though I sort of have a Thing for All. The. Books. - I must pace myself and remember to not do all my reading on the Interwebs, but actually pick up a real live book! I was on a few Book Launch Teams for the past couple of months and - wow... 

8. I also learned there are a LOT of amazing books coming out this year! I loved both of these... 

9. I learned that when one steps up and decides to teach together, side by side, and talk about parenting and marriage, well - One (or both) should expect to be tested and tried on just how awesome your communication and connection really is because the enemy of our souls is nothin' if he ain't consistently crappy! I also relearned the power of "I love you" and "I'm sorry!"

 10. I learned that even though I am not a phone person, I LOVE Voxer!  I was the last hold out... everyone said how amazing it was and I was like - but it's like the PHONE and I can't... but turns out that I can! I may still ramble a bit and forget what I am saying - but still... super fun!

11. I learned that I love our Arboretum... mostly, in the Fall - because - well:
But lookie what it looks like in the Springtime:

See?  Gorgeous!

12. I learned that Tim Hawkins is stinkin' hysterical Live and in person...  We decided at the last minute that we would splurge and buy tickets for all three of us! We love to laugh and routinely watch comedians together - but it's tough to find ones who we feel confident that we can see perform live and not be horrified... We see Brian Regan live at any chance... and love Angela Johnson... several others too - but this was at a church so... we were just hoping it wouldn't be too - uh - churchy funny? Ya know? It was two solid hours of catch your breath laughing!

So - what about you? What did you learn last month? Silly, serious - informative or fun... share the wealth! After all, knowledge is power, right?

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Seriously, what did you learned in April, ya'll?  


  1. I am so thankful you are making art! If it weren't for the opportunities I have at church, I'm not sure I would have space to make art. So thankful you got out of town with your girlfriends. I am looking forward to a trip to Oregon with a couple of my best friends in July. So needed! Your Aboretum is seriously breathtaking! Have a beautiful week!

    1. Thank you Barbie for your consistent encouragement! Yes - it's tough to make space and make time on my own for art... but I am always glad that I did! So happy to hear you are planning a get away! (Where in Oregon? I am planning a trip to Portland in June... and maybe again in August!) Love you, friend!


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