May 3, 2014

That Thing I Do Now - Vol 42

Hey ya'll!  Happy Weekend!  Can you even believe MAY is here? I pray you are experiencing at least a little taste of Spring... some blue skies, flowers and trees in bloom, a little sunshine to warm your skin.

Life slowed down a little this week, with less Bossy Lists of Things To Do and more laid back reading time, however most of that was spent with real live actual books, made of paper - old school style! I have a serious STACK of awesome and I 'forced' myself to slow down this week and indulge! 

Still - I am here for you, my people... and I have gathered some Awesome from across the Interwebs for you to enjoy! So let's dig in...
Happy Reading!

* This one by Lisa Jo Baker in which she prays for herself... for all of us... because, of course!  "Life to the full. I want it with both hands. A life line that keeps slipping through my ridiculous grasp. Grab my hand Father before I slip and slide my way to the bottom of a pit so black I can’t see my hand in front of my red and foolish face.  Rescue me from myself."

This post by Aliza Latta over at on The Day That (she) Saw Jesus. (Get your tissues ready!) "Long tears streamed steadily down my cheeks as I hugged her closely. But I witnessed love that day.  I saw love.  Jesus holds me, holds her, holds you, and whispers: You are redeemed. You are forgiven. You are set free."

* This one, by Lisa-Jo Baker (yes, again... because - well, it's my blog and I love her. And you will do too!) over at Lysa TerKeurst blog on Mother's Day for the Motherless Mother... "My mom used to dance in the mornings.  A happy, shameless jig in her PJs right out there in the driveway as my dad drove us off to school. She’d dance and wave and grin and I could feel the love well up from my toes to my nose. It spilled out of me – this being someone’s daughter. Loved. Cherished. Celebrated."

* This one by Deidra Riggs with an invitation to enter into Rest...  "I want to tell you to get some rest. I want to hold your gaze for more than ten seconds, while you’re racing off to the next thing, or trying to multitask, or wondering why you keep getting knots in your shoulders or a pit in your stomach. I want to be emphatic, even though being emphatic about rest seems like an oxymoron."

* This post by Jennifer Dukes Lee over at Emily Wierenga's blog, on 15 Things Every Mother Should Tell Her Daughter... "Dear Daughters,  There are approximately 10,952 things I want you to know, but these 15 are the ones I absolutely pray that you will never forget."

* This post by Emily Freeman over at Chatting at the Sky for her monthly Link-Up, What We Learned (in April)... Normally I give a sampling but the fun of this is not just Emily's post but all the Linky Love too! However, I have three words for you from her list:  Sharpie Gel Highlighters (You're welcome!)

* This post by David Henson (which is not new, but it's new to me this week) on the 6 Things The Church Can Learn From Jimmy Fallon... "The Church could learn a few things from Jimmy Fallon, the new host of the "Tonight Show." And it’s no surprise, really. Jimmy has said in interviews he once wanted to be a priest in the Roman Catholic Church and was influenced early in life by his experiences as an altar boy. But he never felt he could really be a priest because he couldn’t keep a straight face. As a priest myself, it’s always good to be reminded that our image in culture is often a dour one when it should be a joyful one."

* This post right HERE from Abiding Love, Abounding Grace where I write an (in)RL recap and count gifts at the same time! ""Your Story Matters..."  Not just the pretty (or prettied up) parts, but the whole! Not just the part where everyone came and it was awesome, but the truth of how some didn't come, couldn't come, wouldn't come - but He was there anyway!"  (Plus another post HERE, in which I am hosting a  Giveaway for Rhinestone Jesus!) 

Finally... our video! Because that is how we do... and because we love Jimmy Fallon (see above!), Emma Stone (because, of course!), Pinterest (hello?), and a shout out for Mom Bloggers... here ya go:

So - what did you think? Had you read these yourself already?  Did you find something that is not listed above? If so - share some Linky Love in the Comments below!

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