May 16, 2014

Break - The Five Minute Friday that Wasn't (kind of)

Happy Friday!  So - this feels a little odd.  I normally write this "Five Minute Friday" post on Thursday nights, after a little lot of Twitter party fun.  However this week, our fearless (cheer)leader/hostess/sister/friend took a MUCH DESERVED break!  And we say, "Amen, girlie! ...and Halleluyer!"  We ALL need a little breaky from time to time and once again, Lisa-Jo leads the way in knowing when to say Time Out! (We Mama's need Time Outs WAY more often than anyone else, am I right?)

...and yet! We just can't help ourselves! This idea of writing for five minutes flat, with no editing or over-thinking and just hitting publish all willy-nilly for the sheer love of writing and creating art and saying whatever is on our hearts... 

Apparently, we can't stop.  We won't stop. (sorry... I don't know what is wrong with Miley me!)  So - here goes:

Five Minute Friday(ish) - The Word Prompt is: BREAK


It really doesn't matter if you have been crazy busy doing all sorts of errands and activities, marking things off a bossy list like a - well, like a boss, or if you have been having a hard time finding motivation to get up and out and on with whatever is facing your day!  We all need to take a break now and then.  

To give ourselves permission to slow down, to skip at least some of All. The. Things. and to sit... rest... breathe!

Emily Freeman wrote about this beautifully this week and I found such a gust of breezy fresh air in her lovely words; in her invitation to find a bench, and just sit.  

After a difficult few weeks, I felt like I should just move on. I should just muster up some energy and press through and get back to all the busy already. (Keep in mind, my Only is nearly grown and - sob sigh - just signed her first lease and is moving out in a couple of weeks... so my busy may be quite a bit different than yours, but busy can be good, or bad, or often a mixture of both!)

Reading about the Sacredness of sitting, I gave myself the time I was needing even though my list was still Bossy.  When we allow ourselves to sit in the quiet, we can find solace in the silence and we can begin to hear again.

As much as I talk about Busy... I am not a fan of it. Especially when it is a self-imposed schedule and full of things we are not necessarily called to be doing.  Sitting in silence can help change our perspective, slow our heartrate, and find the rhythm of our Song once again. 

Sometimes it is not 'Busy' that is bossy at all.  Sometimes your Day Planner may be empty, but your heart is heavy and your mind is full.  Giving yourself time to simply sit and be, helps you to (re)connect your hopes and dreams and while you are taking a break, God just may be wanting to Be a Bench.

That's right! I talk about us being benches for others but ultimately, He was the first to hold us up... to invite us to lay aside our heavy burdens and sit awhile with Him! 

Jesus bids us to come... to rest... to find refreshing in His Presence!  Jesus is always a Bench for us!  And after we have taken a little break, He equips and enables us to be a Bench for someone else!


So... Happy Friday! Don't be afraid to take a break... to take some time this weekend to sit awhile... allow Jesus to be a Bench for you in the areas where you need Him.  Just Breathe.  And then... watch for Him to lead you out to be a bench for someone else!

Five Minute Friday gives us the chance to dive right in and share what He puts on our hearts! Normally, I would send you to Lisa-Jo's to read what others have to say about our one word prompt... 

but, well - she took a well deserved BREAK... (ya get it?)  Check back next week!  

Because we love the freedom to have a 'night off' - and yet, we just can't help ourselves, some of us are still linking up over at Trending Mama for "Break" - feel free to join us this week over there if you'd like to play along!


  1. This actually brought tears to my eyes, Karrilee. I often fall for the Enemy's lie that God doesn't like me and that I can only earn His favor by doing more. Being busy. I forget about the Lord's very real offer of rest. Thank you for drawing me back to the truth of Who He is and what He says!

    1. Oh Marie... I think we all fall for that lie! So glad this caused you to slow a bit and breathe Him in! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  2. I needed to hear this today - thanks for going ahead with Five Minute Friday :)

    1. It DID feel a little strange - but I am so used to doing it it felt more strange to write nothing at all! <3

  3. Anonymous8:55 AM

    Beautiful! I love that when you describe busyness that sometimes it is just because your heart is heavy and your mind is full. I know those days and I know the day planner busy kinds of days. Glad you kept the FMF momentum going! I have only done it for about 3 weeks and I missed it terribly! :( Have a great weekend!

    1. Mary - yes... I think it's important to remember that there are BOTH kinds of busy and to take note of which kind we are giving in to! Feel free to link up with us over at Trending Mama - but come back to Lisa-Jo's next week! She rarely takes a break - but, as I said - it was much deserved! (I just couldn't not do a FMF post!) Glad you stopped by!

  4. Oooh, can I participate a day late? I am going to write a five minute Friday post on Saturday, because I so very much missed doing this Thursday night. :-) I loved your words. I need to sit and rest with my Savior much more often than I do. Thank you so much for this reminder.

  5. Oh girl, this touched my heart. I am still busy, in motion and in thought. I am trying to slow down. God has a way of imposing time outs where needed. Hugs!

  6. Thank you! These are now the blogs, which made me aware again of my life style, which is not always the good life style. I am so grateful that you give me a little push in the right direction. Found you via Barbies Weekend Brew. Keep calm and rest in Jesus arms today.

  7. Anonymous5:02 AM

    It's so important to find those benches...those places...those times...where we can just be. A place to rest and reflect and be refreshed by His Holy Spirit. Praying you find such places...especially over the next couple of weeks as your Girlie makes her leap! She's gonna do great...and so are you!


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