July 26, 2013

Yet Another Weekend Recap... I know, right?

So - not like I am bragging or anything... but I am writing this blog on Friday... yep - as if I planned to do it all along!  Still... don't get your hopes up... I'm not ready to say that this is a "Thing".

This week was full of learning new tricks (like adding pages and media buttons right here on this blog!) and lots of creativity - in non-writing sort of ways!  But I tend to make room for reading all sorts of Awesome... so here are a few of my favorites finds: 

This post by Emily Freeman... on what it really means to do less and to be more!

This one by Lisa-Jo Baker... (the one that broke her blog!) on what love really looks like!

Jennifer Dukes Lee posted this one that made me cry... and want to write letters to my girlie!

This one by my friend Tonya over at Stone to Heart where she talks about Mary Magdalene and it just pulls me right in to listen for Him to say my name!

This one by Sarah Bessey that made me go on out and climb my own metaphor... well - ok - it was more like a really steep hill... but it was really steep - and it was triple digits and I pushed through anyway... because - well - because who doesn't want to be just like Sarah?

My friend Rebekah from Three Bees in a Blue Bonnet with her first ever Guest Post - linking up with Bloom! Go Big or Go Home! So Proud of her!

This one from Jaime the Very Worst Missionary on playing it cool in SE Asia... and an invitation to jump right on in and make a difference!

The post from my own blog that has gotten the most traffic this week has been a piece I wrote for Embracing Grace where I am a Contributing Writer.  Here - I write about the importance of living real... of letting down our masks!

I am liking  throwing in a video in the wrap up... so, again  - if this ever DOES turn into a 'Thing'... we're just gonna keep at it! 

Lastly, this week, for your viewing pleasure - check out Jeff Goins new book promo... (Warning - you're gonna want to get it!)


I pray these posts bless you as they did me!
Enjoy your weekend...

Speak Life. Be Love. Shine On.


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