July 29, 2013

Counting Gifts like Jazz, Breezy Sunshine, & Love

It's become a tradition... an annual get away... a gathering of friends and food and music and a forcing ourselves to just Slow It Down and Drink It In and Be Present... to Listen - really listen - to the music... to hear the notes and the harmony and nod our heads in agreement and truly appreciate the time and talent on display before us.

(Insert super fun Jazz festival photo's here... for some reason - I can't upload tonight!)

Now - I must say up front... my Honey is the musician... he is the guitar player and Jazz enthusiast and the half of our One Flesh that can pick out the notes and follow along with the chording.  I, on the other hand, am a Word girl! (Shocker, I know!)  So while I have learned to appreciate the music alone... I do prefer a lyric to jump right on in from time to time!

Every July we are blessed with an incredible Jazz festival in a nearby town. We started going years ago, and at first it was hit and miss and we would just drive over for the day.  But over time, we have learned to make a weekend out of it every year and we now go with the same two couples and we laugh and visit and eat and drink and rest... we sit for hours outside under a canopy that lets the breeze blow in soft and the sun filter in through shadows and we listen.  We listen to the music.. sure.  But we also listen to each other... we slow it down - all the rushing and bossy lists and running around - and we take the time to listen... to hear.  We reconnect - to each other, to ourselves, to our God.

It is a sacred rejuvenating... filled with fun and feasting and refreshing... and I could go on and on - but I think I will write more about food and community with these precious friends for the Bloom link up on this coming Friday - so I don't want to get too carried away with it here... but this year?
This year, I brought my camera and while I forgot to capture any photo's of my actual people... I did remember to count gifts all along the way!

#1401 - (A Gift Understated) The Steadiness of My Honey...
His Consistency is amazing!

#1403 - (A Gift High) Clouds, all wind-blown, & spread out across a summer sky
...reflecting His Majesty!

#1404 - (A Gift Low) The Glory of the Hiddens at low-tide...

#1405 - (A Gift Far Away) Friends who are
Close at Heart... but not at Hand!

#1410 - (A Gift Fresh) Fresh cut flowers from our little garden,
displayed in wine glasses in the living room...
My Honey cuts them and makes these mini bouquets
for me every week in the summertime!

#1412 - (A Gift on Vacation) Sightseeing, hand in hand,
meandering down streets unknown, drinking it all in!

#1414 - (A Gift in Relaxation) Sun soaking into skin, warming & tanning slow...
sipping something refreshing, with music gently carrying across a breeze...
ahh - the bliss of summer!

#1417 - (A Gift of Beginning) Friday afternoons... with a full weekend still just ahead!

#1418 - (A Gift of Together) Nutella & Bananas... yes please!

#1419 - Pandora Ap on my Bethel station, headphones plugged in,
ready to accompany me on my morning walk!

#1420 - Driving our of town with My Honey... the car packed & tank full...
The road open & the weekend unfolding slow and easy!

#1422 - The text at 6am from our girlie while we are out of town...
up and ready for work on her own after a wild and crazy night
having the house all to herself!
(She got off work, ate dinner
& then napped until bedtime!
She's a wild one...
that girlie of mine!)

And the list goes on...
Speak Life.  Be Love.  Shine On.

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