July 19, 2013

The Weekend Recap... A Few of my Favorite links!

I know, right? Don't be shocked... as I eluded to last weekend - I am not so good at picking Favorites and I also mentioned that I was making no promises that this little Weekend Update of sorts would ever really turn into a Thing... at least not a consistent every-Saturday-sort of thing... and yet, here I am again?  

This week was super busy with out of the norm' things on our schedule (like doctors appointments and having blood drawn... and more funner things too - like swimming in a friends' pool and hitting a midweek concert/farmers market downtown!)  Still... I managed to read quite a few things in the Blogosphere... and here is a sampling of things I loved this week:

This post by Holley Gerth... on why you don't have to hurry...(hint - because God is not in a rush! Don't you just LOVE that?)

This one by Ann Voskamp (as if I can pick just one)... where she speaks up on how we live after the Verdict is in!

This from my sweet friend Kelly Mahalak... To Mom's - Full of Grace!

This by Shelly Miller... where she writes about her sweet grandmother and learning how to make a pie... this was featured on the Bloom Book Club site, as we read through Bread and Wine by Shauna Neiquist (which - by the way - I HIGHLY recommend!)

Also featured this week as a Guest on Bloom Book Club, the incredible Alia Joy of Narrow Path to Higher Places... in which she - in usual fashion - gets all poetic and soul stirring and honest and breathtaking... on Fasting and Feasting!

This one by my friend Vanessa (from Hearts on Guard) over at Barbie's this week... on the importance of Bible Study (with a future link up for August that you'll want to partake in!)

Here is my most popular piece of the week from my own blog... this post has gotten the most traffic this week and I am so thankful to Vanessa (mentioned above) because, thanks to her friendship - I was able to pray and rewrite this into what I feel it was supposed to be... the post in which I wrote about learning the Art of Balancing Life...

I sort of liked that I threw in an audible (of sorts)last week to wrap it up... so, ya know  - if this ever DOES turn into a 'Thing'... let's keep at it... 

Lastly, this week, for your listening pleasure... I saw Donald Miller link to the new video for "Inland" - the title track from the new Jars of Clay CD & I love this new song... 


I pray these posts bless you as they did me!
Enjoy your weekend...

Speak Life. Be Love. Shine On.

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