June 7, 2014

That Thing I Do Now - Vol 47

Happy Weekend, everyone! I trust your June is starting off well and pray you are able to breathe in deep and catch the fragrance of Spring turning to Summertime with all it's late night sunsets, starry nights, and less Bossy day planners!

Here is our weekly Gathering of Awesome found across the Interwebs... you know how I love to hook you up! I must say - one would think I would have more time, as we became Empty Nesters last week - but I found myself not sitting here, but aimlessly roaming the house not knowing what to do with myself... so there is that.  This simply means that the list is shorter, but I am pretty sure I will find solace here in this chair next week, while looking for a new routine! Until then... this is what I found:

Happy Reading!


* This one by Amber Haines over at The Runamuck on Being the child, then revolution...
"If you were to ask me what I understand the Sunday service is for, I would say to meet together to remember and ingest our shared brokenness in Christ, to remember the pouring out. We meet for communion. We meet like hungry kids at a table."

This post by Logan Wolfram on the marrow of living...
"But when creativity becomes a machine in us, and we begin to produce instead of create, something tenses up and we find ourselves trapped.

So we make space, and walk in freedom again and create without thought of the end result… and something releases."

* This post by Lisa Jo Baker on Why every mother needs to learn to say "I'm sorry"...
"After, “I love you,” the words “I’m sorry” might be the most important ones we say to our kids.

Much harder to say, though. Because people don’t like to be wrong and parents especially are used to being right."

* This post by Jennifer Rothschild over at Living Beyond Limits with The Invitation Every Woman Wants...
"Please come to my house and be… just be. Be yourself because I will be myself. Please do not clean up your life before you come, mine is messy too.

Please come to my house and bring your dirt and stains because they will be welcome here. I, too, have dirt and stains. I wish I could hide them, but you will probably feel more welcome if I don’t."

This one by Claire Diaz-Ortiz over at A Holy Experience on When God Changes All Your Plans... 
"At first, it dusts your skin.
And then, it enters your soul.
This is the red dirt of Africa.
I never meant to live in Kenya..." 

This one HERE where I talk about Words to Build a Life On... 
"I push back thoughts of not knowing where she is or what she is doing... of whether or not she made it home safe or if she remembers to lock her door...  of no more hugs goodnight as she stumbles sleepily down MY hallway, no more kisses goodbye before she starts her day.  I ignore the impulse to over-everything and instead I lean back and I thank God for texting and I let Him remind me that we lived our life out loud on purpose... that we gave her Jesus..."

Finally... our video... because I can't quit singing this song...

So - what did you think? Had you read these yourself already?  Did you find something that is not listed above? 

Seriously ya'll... I am in need of New Finds!  Share the wealth! Let me know of a Blogger/Writer who you love in the Comments below!

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