June 9, 2014

My Non-Bossy Monday... aka I'll Write Tomorrow!

So, normally Monday mornings are all about sitting back in this chair and tapping out words to fill this space... words that will hopefully touch your heart while speaking His.

However, today... well, today I penciled in a Non-Bossy Schedule so my day pretty much consisted of this:
As in... Literally!

This is all that I did today! I went on a glorious walk with a friend and then I drove through Starbucks, ordered my coffee, and came home to start reading this book.  Outside, on the patio at first, and then (once I noticed I was getting a weird 'chair rail' tan) I moved inside... 

All day. 

Until I was done.

I know... irresponsible luxurious, right?

You see, I am now an "Empty Nester" and I think this means I get to be the boss of my own days at least a little more often than in the past, say, nineteen years! 

Now I am wondering why I am not sitting in a dark movie theater watching the movie right this minute, but alas that will have to wait... at least a day or two. Because while I am the boss of MY days(ish)... I'm not the boss of everyones' days.

In other words, I will write tomorrow!  

Just keepin' it real because, you know... #YoubeYouboo


  1. I am glad that you took a day to relax and read a book. This is my favorite part of road trips- all the uninterrupted reading time. :-) I hope that you have a lovely day!

    1. Thanks Jo Rose... it felt so luxurious and even a little lazy but I thoroughly enjoyed it anyway! Sometimes we need those kinds of days more than we know! Thanks so much for stopping by!


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