June 3, 2014

What I learned in May... a random Gathering of Awesome

Here we are, June 3rd... JUNE THIRD, ya'll?

At the risk of sounding so - I don't know, - OLD, where has the time gone? Honestly... I blinked and May happened!

It is now the beginning of a new month, and for us around this house - a whole new season, but we'll get to that later! For now - let's just say - it's time for my favorite link up, where I share a random Gathering of Awesome... attempting to once again remember What I Learned in May... 

Here we go...

A Random Gathering of Awesome:

1. I (re)learned that even though I am an Introvert and the thought of having to go out and evangelize makes me throw up cry a little, I love a great Treasure Hunt!  We went out on Treasure Hunts one evening in early May as part of Soar - the Spiritual School of Transformation that my Honey and I attend. I have gone on many - and love them all - but to get up the nerve to just do it... to just go up and approach a stranger... gah.  It's hard on me Every. Time.  But what comes out of it... -not a sinners prayer, not an invitation to church... (not that there's anything wrong with that...) but what is offered is an encounter to let the person know that they are a Treasure to God and that He is crazy in love with them! The prayer times that come from this - in parks, and parking lots, in grocery stores and coffeeshops... stunning, ya'll!

2. I learned that I love All Sons & Daughters...  OK - that one is not really 'new' either - but this song? 

This has been on repeat All. Month. Long.

 (You're welcome!)

3.  I learned that even in the midst of great loss and great sadness... God is good, for real! As in, I mean it!  So, the beginning of this month was hard... last month we went through all sorts of health scares and surgeries with family and then we lost a friend after a four year battle with cancer.  God supernaturally, miraculously healed her of the first brain tumor a few years ago - so we were hopeful... until it seemed like this wasn't going to happen this time around. A different kind of cancer... same spot... inoperable.  She was young... younger than me... and left behind a loving husband and two amazing Littles.  And her funeral was the day before Mother's Day... and there were tears, to be sure - but there was also much celebrating because - in her short years, she was amazing in each of them! She shined bright... she loved well... she was in no more pain, and she was with Jesus. Hard... but good.  To be honest - up until her service, I wasn't so sure that I was convinced that God was good that day. I knew it - but it sure didn't feel like it. But there is something about reflecting over a life lived well, that brought glory to God - no matter how short or long the years spanned here on earth that gives us a bigger perspective... a better perspective!

4. I learned that even when my Girlie has to work on Mother's Day... I can enjoy myself by spending the day with the man who loved me and partnered with me in this whole parenthood gig!  Even though my Love Language is Words of Affirmation (I know... I know... you're shocked!) it turns out one of the ways I feel most loved and cared for is by simply spending an unrushed, unbossy day, meandering through gardens and eating al fresca and listening to live music and people watching and sipping on something refreshing... holding hands and then - of course, 
flowers (and cards with words of affirmation!)... 
(And a little bling never hurts!)

5. I learned that I am still a sucker for a good (clean) movie that showcases motherhood and gives a little bit of real life chaos... while still keeping it clean, funny, and honoring!  What? You didn't know a movie like that existed? Mom's Night Out... so cute and powerful... 
Bonus: Seeing friends' names roll by in the credits!  You should go see it... you know how it goes... You'll laugh... You'll cry... (It made it even more special because I got to go see it with a few of my #inrl gals!)

6. I learned that when a friend contacts you and asks you to co-lead an Incourager Community Group - you can SAY you are going to pray about it, but what that really sounds like is this: "Can I? Can I do it? Can I? Huh?" Yeah - because Incourage has my heart and these online Community groups - they are where it's AT, ya'll!  They are like Benches all over the place and I figured I was going to at least belong to one... and probably THIS one... so I may as well get to be in on it from the start, right? (So Happy that God said yes!)

It also means you will 'need' to buy a few new Artsy supplies because, of course! 

Then I scored a STACK of photo and art books to use in my new hobby of Art Journaling! I don't really know what I am doing - but I am doing it anyway! #ArtinYourLife

7. I learned that I LOVE YouTube Tutorials!  Seriously ya'll - this was so fun... and actually doable! I had purchased Watercolor paints quite awhile ago and never really knew how to use them!  Then I stumbled upon this tutorial on how to paint a Tuscan Window Box with watercolors and I thought, of course! What ELSE would I paint with watercolors? 
But listen... you guys, I didn't have the right colors... I didn't have the right weight of paper... I didn't have the right watercolor brushes... and STILL... lookie?
Not bad for my first time ever, right?                                   

Oh, Here's the YouTube Tutorial:

8. I also learned that I get all #Swoony when it comes to outdoor seating, iced lattes, and journals and books and art supplies on a wide open Saturday afternoon!  Again... this is really more like a RE-learning... I think I remember it every year, when the weather is nicer and the seating outside is an option once again! Luckily - we live in a city with over 300 days of blue skies and sunshine! I know... #sorrynotsorry!

9. I learned that sometimes your husband signs you up for Spoken Word because he heard that you wanted to try it one day... and that 'one day', apparently, is Friday... and this is Tuesday night!  Yeah... I learned that one real good! My Honey was asked to come to a Coffeehouse style night of worship at a local church and when he was calling back to confirm, they mentioned wanting all kinds of giftings and actually said the words 'spoken word'.  Now - this seemed familiar to him because for the past few months I have been talking all about it and how I think God is going to make me do it and how I love it - but I hate the thought of ME doing it... but I want to go where it's being done to soak it in and learn.  Only he didn't remember/hear/know all of that... so he said something crazy like, "Hey - my wife does Spoken Word. We could sign her up for that!"  Really? I 'do' Spoken Word? Really? ...well, I do now! 

You'll notice my photo is a selfie because - well... clearly I took all the other photo's
of the actual performances, but couldn't manage to do that of myself while on stage!

10. I learned that I am a Great Aunt...  I am, really! I have been already - as in, I'm a great Aunt... and I'm a Great Aunt - I have two other Great Littles, but this one is the newest edition!  I was thrilled to finally meet the little man in person! Such a Preshie!!!

 11. I learned that I work well under pressure... Once again, a last minute project fell into my lap on a Wednesday night - that had to be completed by Friday night and instead of graciously saying no thanks... I said yes!? Because I'm fun like that!  Actually - I was already on tap to lead the Prophetic Art station of the Prayer Mosaic evening on Friday - and since that must mean that I am artistic - they asked me if I could paint a 'theme' piece that would show all eight stations... Sure! Why not? Basically 8 mini paintings onto one large canvas... from scratch... completed and sealed in less than 48 hours! Why not!

I actually sort of love it & I'm honored that it is now                                         
hanging in their church prayer room!                                        
12. I learned that I can help my Only Nearly All Grown Up Girlie pack up her room and not fall apart... 
 At least, not yet! I will keep you posted! I am fairly certain that in a few weeks - when I realize this is not just summer camp or a really long sleep over, I may need to binge watch Netflix and order in food for days... you know, and avoid above mentioned empty room! Oh - but here's the deal... because my Girlie? She is brilliant like a fox... she left ALL. the. THINGS.  She literally bought new furnishings so she could leave her room here EXACTLY the same.  It's really only missing her clothes... oh yes, and her cutie patootie self! That too!)

So - what about you? What did you learn last month? Silly, serious - informative or fun... share the wealth! After all, knowledge is power, right? Oh - and send Streaming Netflix suggestions... help an Empty Nester Mama out!

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Seriously, what did you learned in May, ya'll?  


  1. Love love love your list, Karrilee!!! I'm with you for sure on the All Sons & Daughters! I feel as though I'm always late to the party.. on just about everything-- but I just LOVE them. And Ellie Holcomb-- she's fabulous too! Thanks for sharing your words!! P.S. I am absolutely NO help on the coping with empty-nesting..since I, ya' know-- fell completely apart on my Five year old's last day of preschool. :)

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Cynthia! I have been loving All Sons and Daughters for awhile now... but it seemed that no one knew who they were so I am thrilled that I am hearing their songs song in different churches as of late! And yes - Ellie Is Ah MAY Zing too! I hear ya on the last day of PreK! Can I tell you - I fell apart then too! (Even more so than on the last day of high school!) Still - drink it in... it really does go by so fast! Enjoy every seasons!

  2. No wonder it took til June to do your post, Karrilee! May sure was jam-packed for you ... and those PAINTINGS you did are truly marvelous. Keep on wielding that brush, girl!


    1. Linda - Right? Thanks for confirming what I suspected... May was Jam-Packed with lessons! Thanks also for the encouragement to keep painting... it is the newest form of art that I have dived in to (other than art journaling) and it is still intimidating to me! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. Anonymous3:54 PM

    Love your list!! You are going to do great as an empty nester. It's what you spent the last 18 years working towards and now it's happened. Revel in it...enjoy it...enjoy the time with your man. You guys deserve it and she's gonna do great! Thanks for linking up to Testimony Tuesday.

    1. Yes - thank you Holly! You are right... we plan to enjoy our newfound 'freedom' and having a somewhat empty nest... and I always love connecting over at your space for Testimony Tuesday!

  4. Isn't Youtube about the best place to learn anything? I love it too :). And WHEW, sounds like such a full, full month :)


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