June 24, 2014

No Words Are Needed... a Link up

I have this amazing friend... super sweet and just so full of encouragement and inspiration!  She sent me an invite to link up with her over on her blog, Scribbling Fresh Words... and I wasn't going to do it because - well... you know, I'm on a break! But then I realized the title and the purpose and while I am savoring words a bit closer to my sleeve right now, I always love to share His Beauty and Grace...

So here it is... my non-wordy (ahem!) post.

No Words Are Needed...

P.S. Linking up with Jennifer Peterson over at
Scribbling Fresh Words


  1. I love your pictures so much, Karrilee!! So glad you decided to join in. And that Jennifer is pretty special, isn't she?!!

    1. She really is! As are you, my friend! So blessed by my Bloggy friends!

  2. Just beautiful!! Breath taking!! Thank you for linking up and sharing God's grace and I just love you!! So blessed that you are in my life!

  3. Anonymous5:39 AM

    We have a lot in common, water and beaches.... I long for that atmosphere too. Art lovers, writers, ellipses ... Yep. :)


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