June 14, 2014

That Thing I Do Now - Vol 48

Hey Ya'll!  How are you? I pray your weekend is off to a great start!

So... I have to say right up front here, I read an entire book in a day this week, which sort of stirred up a thirst for fiction again and I just so happened to have another book that I started right after finishing The Fault In Our Stars.  I read that one in a day because, well - the movie! I wanted to see it but I can't bring myself to watch a movie without first reading the book! Now... hours after reading it, I am wondering why I am not sitting in a movie theater Right. This. Moment. watching it!  So, needless to say, as summer gloriously unfolds and finds me, for the first time in nineteen years, with an empty house All. Day. Long. ...well, I am feeling like I will indulge in more and more days like today! Still - you know how I love to hook you up, so below you will find a Random Gathering of Awesome... posts I have found across the Interwebs this week! (You know... when I managed to get my nose out of an actual old school real live BOOK!?)

Happy Reading!

* This one by Kristen Welch over at We Are THAT Family on 3 Intentional Ways to Celebrate Dad...
"Here are 3 intentional ways we can celebrate Dad (not just one day, but all year long)..."

This post by my sweet friend Dana Butler In Which Life is Extra In My Face...
"Life has felt extra in my face lately. The good things have felt extremely, amazingly, outrageously phenomenal; the hard, just blaring."

* This post by Donald Miller on What If Christians Stopped Serving Out of Guilt...
"...as I read through the book of Acts, I found this:
A defining characteristic of the early church is they felt joy in their work.

I don’t see a lot of shame and guilt manipulation in Acts..."

* This post by Melissa Fenton posted over at MommyPage.com with the Top 10 Ways To Give Your Kid a 1970's Summer...
"I am done. Sort of like I how I was done with the school year, but I am already done with summer. And by done, I mean I am done with all the forced smile-inducing, uber planned and supervised, over-the-top summer life experiences I am supposed to provide for my kids. You know what I want my kids to experience this summer? The same type of summer I would have experienced in the late 1970’s.  The exact same one.  I survived it, and they will too."

This one by Deidra Riggs where she shares '6 Things I've Learned About Building Not-So-Perfect Community'...
"Holding our sadness or worry or disappointment close to the vest in the local congregation is actually a disservice to everyone involved. Inviting a fellow traveler to help carry the burden is an act of trust and faith and friendship. And, receiving such an invitation is a gift." 

This post over at Little Did She Know by Cara Strickland on The Way We Live Now...
"I don’t know about your life, but I’ve found that mine doesn’t go in a trajectory. My path is not straight and always upward-climbing. It meanders.

Just when I think I know where I’m going, the path winds around the other way and I’m nowhere that I expected to be."

This one by Lisa-Jo Baker, For all the "ordinary, boring" dads, from your grateful daughters (because, of course!)... 
"You won’t get it right all the time, dad. And we daughters, we sure know how to complicate things too. But we will see ourselves through your eyes – beautiful, or incompetent, brave or ordinary, wildly wonderful or misunderstood.

We will wear your approval layered over everything else, even that outfit that raises eyebrows. And the more we remember how much you love us, the less likely we are to wear it again."

* This one by Rebekah Hughes on How To Live Every Single Day of Your Life To its Fullest...
"When dying young is a threat in your day to day life, you sometimes forget to live. It's not that you are consumed with morbid thoughts, it's only that fear can paralyze you from the neck up.

Fear of the known as much as the unknown can keep you from living life to the fullest.

We desire to live abundant lives but our lives are far from full when they are filled with fear."

* This post by Shannan Martin over at Flower Patch Farmgirl in which she makes it clear, she is for us! 
"You're everything I am.
You're everything I'm not.
I love it this way."

* This one right HERE where I give you permission to just Take Some Time... 
"Maybe it's just that we need to remember that we need to remember to breathe --that some days are too crammed full, even with good things, that we quite literally forget to inhale deep and feel, well, any of the things... or perhaps all of this access to all of our lives is more weighty and wearisome than we think... or maybe we're all just tired and all the Bossy Lists just need to be banished every once in awhile..."

Finally... our video... because that is how we do... and this is how he does - when he finds himself all by himself:

So - what did you think? Had you read these yourself already?  Did you find something that is not listed above?  Share the wealth! Let me know of a Blogger/Writer who you love in the Comments below!

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