September 3, 2013

Love looks like something...

"Love looks like somethin'..."  I heard a Pastor say this in a sermon and go on to explain what it looks like... and it undid me.

"Love Does" - a book penned by Bob Goff that gives real life examples of what love looks like and what love does (hint - it just does... it is action and risk and forward motion!) - I devoured this book, and again - it undid me.

"Be Love!"  This is part of my call... part of my purpose... part of a message that God has so etched into my spirit that it has become an intentional way of life...and it undoes me!  This is part of my calling, but I don't believe it is my Call alone!

In the gospel of John, chapter 13 verses 34 & 35, Jesus says that He is giving us a new commandment! In the old testament, the teaching was to love your neighbor but to hate your enemies.  To show love for God was to show hatred for enemies of God.  However, in the New Testament... Jesus gives us a new commandment.  There is a shift... or there should be!

We live on the other side of the Cross... and our Love should show that!

I love the story of the sons of thunder... how they asked Jesus (I always imagine a little too excitedly) if they should call down fire and brimstone! They were falling back to their old ways... this was how they knew to show devotion to God.  But God has given us a new way to show devotion... that when we LOVE like Christ loves, when we love each other, ourselves, and 'them' - whomever 'they' may be... we let the Light and Love of Jesus shine brightly through us!  When they see us love... they are drawn to Him!

We are called to be His hands and feet... His voice... We are - to many - Jesus with skin on - and oh how we need to rest in the knowing that we - on our own - can. not. do. it.

We will fail... every single time.  However - Christ lives in us, the hope of glory - and His Love through us... well - it really DOES look like something!

It looks like freedom...

It looks like hope!

It looks like grace and mercy... and forgiveness!

It looks like second chances and do overs... it looks like patience and the benefit of the doubt!

His Love through us... it looks like beauty and healing and romance and just a little bit crazy and a whole lot of over the top!

Love looks ridiculous...

And it doesn't matter what version of the Bible you read, these verses all say the same thing. They all say to love others 'as I (Jesus) have loved you'... and they all say that when we do this, that everyone/all will know we are His disciples.

EVERYONE... I think when He says that, He means it!  And I think that all is ALL...

Love looks like something... and I don't know about you - but for me? I want my life... my love... to look a lot like Jesus!

Father God,
we come right on up to You... 
because You say that we can!
You - in all that IS Love,
made a way for us to boldly approach the Throne.
We crawl up on Your lap,
and let You wrap us in Your arms...
We pray that You will fill us to overflowing
with Your extravagant Love!

We thank You for Your Word...
for this new commandment...
this new way of living!
Lord - we cry out for mercy when we fail... 
and shout praises out loud for Your grace that covers.
We thank you Lord that You go before us,
and we pray that You will linger behind...
that You will enable, equip, and empower us
to Love like You do.

Lord we ask that through us...
through the leading of Your Spirit
and the bowing of our wills,
Love will look like something
to those around us!

We pray oh God that You will shine brightly,
& that they - 'they' - our kids, our family,
our neighbors, the strangers at the grocery store...
that ALL will know that we belong to you!

For we will do the loving...
and through Your Love,
You draw all men unto You!

Ever grateful for Your Crazy,
Over-the-Top, Ridiculous,
Relentless Love for me!

In Jesus' Name,

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  1. This post is great! It is great to be reminded of just how awesome Jesus' love for us is and how big a challenge it is to love like He does. Wow!
    Linked here from Tell His Story linkup.
    Mel from Essential Thing Devotions

  2. I'll be headed off to class today to see my students with new eyes. I'll remember how much I need to love them. Thanks.

  3. Love this post, so true, we are to love ALL!!

  4. He pours love in. We are to pour it out. Thanks for the encouragement to be a vessel of love today.

  5. Anonymous8:16 AM

    I love being reminded that love is a calling given to all of us. It is not that we have to wait or wonder what He would have us to do, simply we are to love.

  6. Such an encouragement for us to love others as Jesus taught us. Thank you, friend, for sharing your heart so beautifully.

  7. Oh, yes. Thank you, especially for the prayer.

    Deb Weaver

  8. Oh Karrilee, this is absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for this encouragement. I can feel your passion to do love all the way through the computer screen. I want to love like Jesus, too! I want everyone to know whose I am by the way I treat others! Thank you so much for linking up and GROWing with us! :)

  9. Yes! I want my life and my love to look a lot like Jesus too! This is why I choose the verse from 1 Cor 16:14 for my blog, "Let all that you do be done in love." I'm just trying to put words together that really share my heart on this to include on my blog. What you've shared here is truly beautiful!

  10. Yes, Karrilee...prayed with you, sweet friend :) Thank you :) And I agree with Kelsey, I could feel your passion and love through the screen :)

  11. Anonymous11:35 AM

    Ah, we both wrote on love! :)

    I love this: "Love looks ridiculous." That's going in my journal.

  12. This is wonderful and beautiful and filled to the brim with you, Karrilee. I love reading your words! I especially appreciate the focus on the old vs new commandments. Simply awesome. :)

  13. Thanks so much for reminding us that this love empowers us to be the hands and feet of Jesus. It's lived out. This is beautiful- so thankful for your heart and your words today!

  14. Surely we are called to live a life of radical love; just as He did and still pours this love into us!!
    Great photo too!!

  15. Great photography and beautiful words of truth here...and who doesn't love some Misty Edwards? Visiting from Barbie's place.

  16. Beautiful! I love your prayer. It moved my heart to want to be love to others. And Misty Edwards, oh how she has a way of drawing you into His love!


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