September 16, 2013

Counting Gifts as one Season wraps up...

We are in the midst of an End of Summer Thunder storm tonight... flashes of lightning all around, downpours and wind... the humidity is thick with promise of change!  The weather man hints at cooler temps, flirting with us all in how he says the days of triple digits and upper 90s are behind us now.  We shall see.  We shall see...

We are ready for Change...

Summer has been - as always - a gift... and we have loved her well.

But bring on the Pumpkin Spiced Lattes and Hazelnut candles... the scarves and sweaters and coziness of Fall!  We lean in for all the change that Autumn brings - both the shifting and falling and rearranging that comes outside and inside!

This is our last week... My Honey and I are back to school now and our Nearly Grown Girlie starts college classes next week and this is the last week that we will not be studying or working on homework and filling our daily planners will all sorts of Bossy!  So we savor it slow, and learn to let go... and lean in... and we ready ourselves for all the Good that is Next...

...and always, we count on (...Ann Voskamp style!)

#1538 - "Awake" by Noel Brewer Yeatts - a gift sent as I signed up to be part of her relaunch team... and oh my stars how this book is awakening me!

#1539 - My new Wings necklace I bought while on Whidbey Island... I LOVE it!

#1540 - Google+ Hangout dates with Allume and Five Minute Friday friends!

A Gift One, Two, Three:
#1544 - One: My Only Girlie - & how we love!
#1545 - Two: My Honey and I - two becoming one
#1546 - Three: My Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost - Oh how I love those Guys!

3 Gifts Very Small:
#1547 - Tiny hands holding mine
#1548 - Sleepy Breaths, warm on my neck
#1549 - Butterfly Kisses and Groggy Amens, whispered at bedtimes.

#1553 - Morning Sun, Warm on skin right away... ah the last days of Summer!
#1554 - Fresh Produce, straight from the farm
#1555 - BBQ season in full force!
#1556 - Little Mini Bouquets from the Garden that my Honey arranges in Champagne flutes, fresh for my Tuesday meetings!

#1558 - Scrapbooking and Card Making again... rediscovering a creative outlet!

#1560 - Lemons in a bowl - like Sunshine inside!

A Gift Cool, Warm, Sun-Soaked:
#1562 - Cool: Late Summer Evening walks
#1563 - Warm: Brownies, just out of the oven!
#1564 - Sun-Soaked: Bronzed shoulders from a full Spring and Summer of outdoor activities!

3 Gifts Autumn:
#1565 - Crisper morning air - the 1st hint of Autumns' arrival!
#1566 - Pumpkin Spiced Lattes (or Pumpkin anything really!)
#1567 - Layers... glorious layers! (Sweaters, and Jackets, and Scarves, oh my!)

#1568 - Dave & I, back to school! We took a year off but we are back, attending SOAR (a satellite school of BSSM)

#1570 - Taking two kinds of Bread (along with a meal) to a friend battling hard. Praying and believing with her and her family for Divine Health!

#1571 - In all my sorting and cleaning of my art space... I found this GEM of an old note... I am guessing (just guessing) that this was written around the time her Daddy was reading the kids version of the first Left Behind book.  Yeah... she wasn't so much a fan! (It did, however, keep her repented up for quite some time?)

#1572 - Happy Mail from my sweet friend Jennifer... a lovely card with a sweet note inside - and Pumpkin Spice M&Ms... which I can't get here for some cruel reason!

#1573-1576 - A fun shopping outing with my favorite Girlie!

#1577 - Jonah Boy just LOVES my Freeset Bags! I mean... LOVES them!

#1578 - Again - finding my old Brag Book from when my girlie was a tiny... isn't she just a preshie?

#1580 - Making a Baby Shower card minutes before the party starts... yeah - because on SOME Saturdays, that is just how I roll!

#1581 - Coffee and Games at Starbucks after dinner with friends!

#1582 - Shredded Beef Tacos from the Crockpot, ya'll! OH MY LORD! I got this recipe HERE... and today I am taking her suggestion and turning the left overs into Taco Soup!

#1583 - While dinner was cooking all day - I was doing my homework!

#1584 - The beginning of last nights Thunder and Lightning Show!

So what about you? What sort of Gifts of Blessings have you been counting lately?  I'd love to hear!

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  1. the coziness of fall... AMEN!!! love this time of year after missing several falls (we usually work in w. africa) - so treasuring it now... every second!

  2. I'm SO ready for Falliness too :)

  3. I am so thankful Fall is here! You are attending SOAR? How fun is that. Oh, savor this time with your girlie! Praying you have a blessed weekend my friend!

  4. Sounds like our day...we had a thunderstorm that came out of nowhere today! Our homeschool day was very relaxing:) I love the changes of fall. Summer is great but those crisp, fresh mornings make me feel warm and fuzzy!


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