August 14, 2013

The Blessing of Lives Grown Up Together

I am joining in with Crystal Stine and her Behind the Scenes Link Up in sharing the Real story behind the scenes of Pin worthy photographs... the things that you cannot know by simply looking at the picture.

Be still my heart... I love these Girlies!

These three...

They were being knit together as friends even while they were being fearfully and wonderfully made within our wombs, and early on - learning to have our hearts living on the outside of our bodies... Their Mama's and I - meeting over coffee, and small group studies, crafting together and taking shopping trips.

They were Besties before they could talk... hanging out in car seats and playing on quilts... learning to walk, and talk, and sass - all together! And my, how they could can Sass!

They are sweethearts and sisters and for this Mama of an Only, I am oh so thankful for this fact! They have remained close... through schools, and moves and church changes, through mood swings and state lines, sharing secrets and vacations and memories that go back as far as they can possibly remember!

They are friends... sisters... they love each other and support one another and even if they are not in agreement of choices or opinions, of friends or boys, of future plans or past mistakes... they have each others' backs... I am praying that this will always be true! I pray that they will talk Real and Dig Deep... that their friendships will mature and challenge and always... always Bless.

All three of them graduated this year... all three have plans for the future and everything is going to be different for each of them... and yet... no matter the changes, I am certain that these three (will) remain (friends)...

and I pray that these three remain as well...

"But now faith, hope, love,
abide these three;
but the greatest of these is love."

                                   1 Cor 13:13 NASB

What about you? Have your kids grown up with long term friends?
Have you? (Do we not just LOVE Facebook for reconnecting now?)
I'd love to hear how you have kept connected over the years!

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