August 5, 2013

Drinking Summer: Counting On to Slow it all Down

Can you even believe that it is AUGUST already?  August, people?

I don't know about you - but for us, in this house - it has FLOWN by!  As I have mentioned before, this feels like it may be our last summer... at least the last one with our girlie living at home with not a ton of other responsibilities... so we have kept it fairly low key!

..and this week?  Once again - filled with summertime activities! ...and to slow it all down, and drink it in full - we Count On, listing gifts out loud and written in journals and across our hearts...

We learned this from Him... and then Ann with no E reminded us...

So here we go...

#1424 - Finally bought two notebooks... one for #Allume... & one for my Blog Planning Kit!

#1425 - Sun Roof Open, Blue Skies Above, Music on a Little Too Loud, & Iced Teas in hand... with no where to be!

#1426 - My new White Leather Watch Cuff with Rhinestones all over it! (Gotta love all the Sparkle!)

#1427 - Concert in the Park... just chilling out with friends... (a summer tradition!)

                                                                      Gypsy Soul

#1428 - The Blessing of Forever Friends! Running into this sweet one at the park... and over coffee... talking and catching up for hours! Friendships that go back to high school... and to before we knew Jesus - we knew each other... and now, we invite Him in and let Him Shine!

#1429 - Taking Mom and Dad out for Breakfast at Apple Tree Golf Resort... out of their normal routine, for sure - but so gorgeous and such a great relaxed way to start out a Saturday morning!

#1430 - My Nieces' Birthday in the Park... an impromptu party and weather that cooperated!

#1431 - A tiny little slice of Birthday Cake... chilled and refreshing...

#1432 - These two... my girlie and the Birthday Girl!

#1433 - Blog work done, Painting complete, and time for a little sunshine and reading

#1434 - Finished reading Love Does by Bob Goff... (and now looking for ways to DO it!)

#1435 - Trying a new technique in painting/creating... and having it work!

#1436 - Gaining boldness... getting out of my comfort zone... going out to shoot at the Boho/Gypsy Photo Event - with or without a friend to come along!

#1437 - New shoes... that DON'T hurt my feet after a full day of shooting!

#1438 - Stephanie... a great friend to my girlie, and an amazing model to work with!

#1439 - Meeting new people who make it EASY to connect! (Lord - help me to be like this to others!)

#1440 - Being Love... Offering Grace... Speaking Life... and praying beyond the moment.

#1441 - Hardboiled Eggs, Blueberries, and sliced Avocados on a fresh Green Salad! So unexpected and yet so Summery & Delicious!

#1442 - My girlie - after a long day at work, supporting and playing (reluctantly!) with me (and Stephanie) while we work!

Have you learned (or remembered) the skill of slowing down time by counting gifts?
What are the blessings that you are counting?  I'd love to hear...

Jump in and join us! I am linking up with Ann Voskamp at the Multitudes on Mondays

Speak Life. Be Love. Shine On.

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