August 17, 2013

That Weekend "Thing" - 6th Edition

This weeks edition of the Weekend Recap, I will admit, has been compiled as the week unfolded! OK - well, actually - it began on Saturday AFTER I posted last weeks' edition.  I stumbled upon two posts that should have been included last week if only I would have read them before I hit publish here.  So - I added them first, and then as the week unfolded - added a few more here and there!

I am actually on vacation today... and still... for you, I give you this offering of some of my favorite finds this week (which is how I know for sure now, this is a Thing!)

Happy Saturday (and Happy Reading!)

* This post by Shannan over at Flower Patch Farmgirl on Entitlement.

* This one by Melissa over at One Thing Blog releasing a Church Lady Rant where she reminds us of the beauty and the burden that is Community!

* This post for the Middle Child - in honor of my Sissy - whom I am visiting (while I am writing this... whatever?!)

* This post by Angie Smith on God's portion!

* This one by Jeff Goins on not just slowing down - but remembering to savor...

* Jennifer Fulwiler writes an open letter to Netflix for the sake of her children sanity!

* This post by Alia (again)... because - well - read it.. you'll see (again) - on how God is online!!

* This post by Rachel Macy Stafford (from on saying goodbye to saying Hurry Up!

* This post by Shannon over at Arranged by God, about long time prayers...

My own post of the week that generated the most views (which I realize as I type this may mean you have already seen it) is the piece I wrote for Behind the Scenes.

Lastly - as this is how we end this Weekend Thing... here is your Video of the week... (Trust me!)

(I know, right?)

As I get back to spending time with my Sissy and family, I pray that you are blessed by these posts and find yourself filled up and feel loved on, as well!

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