August 23, 2013

10 Things You Should Know... for my Allume friends!

It's countdown time.

Allume is looming large in just 10 short weeks (Did you see what I did there?) and I suppose it is high time that I actually click the button and finalize my travel plans! (I do already have my conference ticket, and my hotel room... it's just locking in to how many days before or after that I keep struggling with! It just doesn't feel like enough time either way!)

Allume is hosting a link up today to share a bit of insider information to give a little warning insight to your roommates - whom many will be strangers.  Since I am rooming with my Honey, he should already know all about me and my quirks and how things really go... so I will open this post up to you, my fellow bloggers and Allume attendees... in hopes that we will meet face to face while at the conference!

So... 10 Random Things You Should Know... (but maybe already do?)

1.  I love coffee... as in Love. Coffee.

As in - before I consume it - things seem a bit fuzzy...

But after it has blessed my lips, things come into focus nicely! 

 I wouldn't say it's dangerous to talk with me beforehand, but chances are WAY better that I will maybe remember having talked to you if we just wait a minute for the caffeine to work its' magic!

OK - honestly - I love a little strong coffee with a lot of other flavor... so - around here, it's not really considered coffee per say... but still.  (I also love tea... and - I drink a lot of water... Actually I've been known to have two or three different beverages going at one time!)

2.  The pronunciation of my name is more like, say - you heard a song and it reminds you of the holidays and it sounds a little Christmas Carol-y... Yeah. That.  So, there ya go!

3. I LOVE to laugh... like, if I could get PAID for it - DREAM JOB!  I laugh every day.  I have a gift tendency to be a little sarcastic and dry... sometimes a bit under my breath in case someone may think it inappropriate.  My Honey makes me laugh every day... and our girlie is hysterical, ya'll!

                                                                        (She's my favorite!)

4. Oh - yeah... that.  I say ya'll as if I am southern.  In which I am not! Born and raised in this small town smack in the middle of Washington State.  I think I just love how laid back and inclusive it is! (Who doesn't love THAT?)

5. I am all about seeking His Presence and I feel Him or see Him working all around me.  I am all about prayer - so if you need it - I will speak it out loud with you and bring it straight to Him... I love to worship... that is one of the things I am most looking forward to about Allume.  What gets better than a gathering of worshipers, except maybe a gathering of worshipers who hunger and thirst to hear His heart and then share it with the internet? Yeah - off the charts (ya'll!) I am believing that He has plans to seriously meet us there when we lift our eyes, our hearts, our voices in one accord!

6. I try to eat healthy. In 2008, I lost 75 pounds in changing how I ate and finding a more consistent exercise routine.  I hit a plateau/wall in 2009 and for 3 years tried nearly everything from drastic 'dieting' to intense 'insane' workout routines...without losing an inch or pound! By the 4th year (last year) I sort of gave up and got discouraged. I regained about 20 pounds and am just recently back on track.  I've realized that whether I am able to lose weight or not, I feel so much better and I am healthier when I feed my body actual food and stay active.

Now - that said, all this talk of chocolate and cupcakes and goodies... well - I will be allowing myself to enjoy some of that while still attempting to maintain some resemblance of self control! (Which is one good reason, I suppose, that I don't have a 'real' roommate!  I'm pretty sure he will not be slipping me chocolate... then again this may explain why I may want to come and crash a few of your room parties!)

7. I am (in real life) a little shy! I know, I know... but it's true! Online I can be all bold and secure in who I really am but in real life, I tend to battle a little more with fear of man (or know, mostly woman!)  So - I wrote about my first experience at a writers conference HERE and how I plan on doing things differently this year at Allume! I want to get over myself and my own insecurities and boldly come right up and introduce myself.  That is my plan... but if you see me retreating and attempting to melt into the wall... come over- or send some extrovert you know - to come pull me back out!  I will say the benefit of online friendships, meeting in person, is that we already know that we adore each other - so that temptation is less entertained!

8. I am SUPER EXCITED about the Prayer Room (See #4) ...if you can't find me... I am probably there - praying and looking for someone to pray over! I love a party - but I thrive in the smaller gatherings of 2 or 3 when Real takes place and Hearts are laid open!

9. There is a long list of people I want to meet and hug (and I keep hearing talk of photo booths! #Swoon!) I am hoping to be all organized with a sparkly binder and have lists of bloggers/sisters that I am going to look for!  If you see me first - don't hesitate to come over! Chances are good you are on my list and I may not have seen you yet and I would hate to think that we didn't meet... I should just put it on out there (even if it invites pranks.. ahem) I am blind.  As in legally... without my contacts. Which - you will never see me without because... well - I had cataracts as a child and had to have them surgically removed as a teenager in order to save my sight. So - without contacts, - I am sleeping.  And that is all. #BlindAsABat #Truth #CokeBottleGlasses #ThatYouWillNEVERSee

& 10.  Oh yes... that.  I have a Smart(ish) phone (was hoping for an iphone before the conference!) and I LOVE me some Instagram and Twitter time. I #hashtag everything... even when I speak. #SorryNotSorry  #LetTheGamesBegin

What about you? Are you going to Allume? If so - what are some things I should know about you!
This weekend (I swear!) we are confirming flight plans and car rentals and then - THEN - it will feel real and I will put stuff in my Binder and ACTUALLY start making those lists that I speak of!

Linking up over at Allume today...


  1. I'm not originally from SC, but we moved here 16 years ago. I use "y'all" constantly for that very reason--it's an inclusive, warm term! It probably throws folks for a loop though since most people down here still say, "Y'all ain't from around here, are you?"

    Deb Weaver

  2. I am totally with you on twitter! I used to use hashtags on facebook before it had hashtags and annoy people. I like making up hashtags it's fun. I'm super excited for the prayer room and everything about allume. I love that I'll get a combination of retreat like talks and blogging talks which are my two favorite things to learn/listen/talk about :)

  3. Anonymous6:36 PM

    We are going to get along so well, friend! We'll be laughing over coffee at our own sarcastic comments...while we take pictures in the Photo Booth. (See what I did there?)

    1. So Much YES! (And you will be singing... right? or at least making up songs!) Because we are so funny... and talented... and amazing, really!

  4. Hi Karrilee,
    I'm so bummed that I won't be going to Allume, but I enjoyed getting to know you better by reading this post...and I am super happy I can leave a comment on your blog fun that your hubby will be your roommate :)

  5. Gotta find out what Allume is? Great list though!

  6. So nice to "meet" you Karrilee! I hope to see you there! Can't wait!

  7. Awesome list Karrilee! I'll have snacks so if you need some, come seek me out!! See you in October.


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