August 24, 2013

This Thing I Do Now - 7th Edition

This Thing I Do Now - 7th Edition...

This week was back to routine... at least our laid back 'summer routine'... mostly - It just means I was back home.  No more vacation or unplugged days away and still - I am sure I missed out on all sorts of Awesome!  Still - because, this is a Thing, and seems to be what I do now for you, my readers, here is a gathering of some of my favorite finds on the world wide web... in no particular order:

* This post by none other than Jen Hatmaker - a sequel of sorts... and let me tell ya - put down your coffee for just a moment while reading this... you'll thank me later! (I'd hate to have you spill and waste that morning coffee - or worse yet, have it come back OUT of your body through your nose!)

* This post by Jennifer Dukes Lee where she shares a prayer for Manic Mondays!

* This by Shauna Niequist on lessons learned that we can all gleam from!

* This by Ann Voskamp over at (in)courage on how to be a happier Mom.

* This post by my sweet friend Tonya where she reminds us that "We need generations of women who will rise up and live up to her name of Blessed..."

* This, by Holley Gerth, in which she again invites us to use our words to bless -or maybe not even use them at all!

* This post by Logan over at Allume - featuring a super fun Link Up for attendees of the conference in October in which we are invited to share warnings things that our roommates should know!  Even if you are not attending... it gives you a little insight into some of your favorite blogging friends!

* This Guest post by Patty Horstman over at Dispatches from a Good News Girl on Empty Rooms! (Oh my heart!)

* My own post of the week that attracted the most visitors is this one, where I join Logan above in the link up sharing 10 Random Things You Should Know About Me.

* Lastly - as this is how we end this Weekend Thing... here is your Video of the week... This by Jennie Allen on Unconditional Love... so much yes!

I hope you enjoy these posts as well... if you have any favorite finds from this week that I may have missed, please let me know in the comments below! (Seriously, ya'll... I need some new blogs... small blogs... hidden treasures to pick from! I mean - we can all rely on a favorite from Ann or Holley or Jennifer - but fill me in on some other bloggers that you enjoy reading!


  1. Thank you for posting, sweet girl. Will check out these links! Have an amazing week!!

  2. I love your links friend. I truly enjoyed Jennifer Dukes Lee post on the Manic Mondays! Praying you have a beautiful week my friend!


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