August 3, 2013

...and For Your Reading Pleasure - a Wknd Recap

Happy Saturday!

I'm not sure why I like to buck the system... or why I am so hesitant to commit - but here we are... four weeks in... and it seems that this may, in fact, be turning into some sort of Thing!

We had all kinds of summer fun this week... afterall - it is somehow August ALREADY - and I hope you were able to go out and enjoy yourself some summer fun as well!  

In case you feel like you may have missed out on some of the Incredible Internet... here are some of my favorites finds: 

*  This post by my friend Jessica over at Hand Me Down Grace... in which she lays out what God has put on her heart... and invites us all to help make this Dream come true!

*  This one by Ann Voskamp will make you feel all romantic... where she talks about how 'a good marriage isn't about reliving a good movie, but reliving the Good News.' (#Swoon!)

*  So - you know when you find a blog post that makes you not only literally LOL - but decide it's a brilliant idea to read it out loud to the whole family... but you can't quite do it justice because even the second or third time reading it through - you are still literally LOLing?  Yeah... that!  Here's this one by Big Mama (aka Melanie Shankle) on IHOP.

*  This post by the ever 'helpful' Jessica Turner from The Mom Creative on how to successfully shop Target Clearance.  Tip - run to the toy section this weekend - for real! (Really - she is helpful... but I keep having to explain to my husband how she is saving us money...) 

*  This post by Nikki over at 5 Minutes For Faith where she is talking about how everything changes when we see God in our every day!

*  This one by Lisa-Jo Baker... on how there is no such thing as JUST a Mom.  (I realize that she is also featured here nearly every week... let's just say she and Ann are both my favorites, pretty much all the time! ...and Lisa Jo?  Well, there is a reason that her blog crashes  - yes... we did it again this week... everyone trying to soak in her words and bask in the Awesome... but it's fixed - so if you missed this one, you're gonna want to read it (again and again!)

*  This post by Robin Dance over at about redeeming the Power Hour brings on So Many Amens! If you don't know what the Power Hour is... or if you think you do... read this and then take her challenge!

*  This Five Minute Friday post by the amazing Alia Joy will stir you up... in which she explains how 'story tethers our souls to this world. It both binds us and sets us free.'

*  My favorite post from my own blog this week is about When a Dream is a Nightmare... but the post that has had the most views/comments this week is my own Five Minute Friday piece on "Story" - (Seriously though - that link up this week is FULL of amazing posts! It too is over at Lisa Jo's!)

*  ...and lastly, we (well - OK - I!) love to end with a podcast or a video... something for your listening and/or viewing pleasure - so this week... while this is not a NEW video - it's new to me and this is what grabbed my attention and made me slow down just a little (and yes... made me buy yet another book! You're welcome, Amazon! You're welcome!)  

Just in case your life is oober hectic even with all the glorious Summer non-scheduling (like mine seems to be lately!) - I hope these little gems have helped to bring you back to center and given you a bit to ponder!

Enjoy your weekend...

Speak Life. Be Love. Shine On.

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