April 22, 2013

Where I write about my husband...

I watch him as he stands at the sink...
It is morning, and he is filling the coffee pot
and making the house smell like heaven...

It is afternoon, and he is leaning against it,
talking with me of his list of errands to do
on a Saturday...

It is evening, and he is making a snack,
and rinsing knives and I catch my breath
at the sight of him.

He is so much a part of who I am...
He has been my 'other half' now
for over half of my life
and I can't imagine living any day
- the good or the bad -
without his steady heart,
constant faith,
and sense of honor.
These traits...
I didn't know how deep they ran
when we first met!

I was all of 21 and he...
well - he was an answered prayer
that I didn't know I had prayed for.

Whenever I share my testimony,
I share that I had the pleasure of falling in love
with both of my H(/h)usbands at the same time!
He - a pastor's kid with head knowledge
and a newly submitted heart,
and me - with heart knowledge
and a spinning mind,
finding balance and a firm foundation.
We were both trying to grasp
what we really believed
- on our own, and together!

This turns out to be the best decision I ever made:
to allow my heart to risk being broken
and to be "All In" with both Dave
and with Jesus!
Neither one of them
have let me down!

We live a charmed life
- not perfect... not easy...
but we are highly favored
and live in joy, peace, and love...
some days, choosing it fiercely,
on purpose, against all odds...
and some days it just seems natural
and not much of a choice at all!

This man of mine... he is a servant...
he loves to serve and give and encourage.
A true pastor if ever I have met one
(and I have met a few!)
He does the dishes, he does the laundry,
he does the gardening...
He does what is needed,
usually before I need to ask...
he does the fun stuff,
the easy stuff,
and the hard stuff
- sometimes all
in one day!

He is crazy Talented and amazingly Love...
he is the most consistent person
I have ever met
and he exudes more grace
than seems 'natural'.
When I am at the end
and lacking patience or strength
or whatever is needed at the moment,
he steps in and steps up.

He is the best father I have had the privilege to watch in action...
his girl knows that no matter what - at all times -
she is adored, and taken care of, and that he is proud of her.
To have that assurance that he is All In is such a picture of Christ
and to see him standing at that kitchen sink, rinsing dishes,
laughing side by side with our daughter, and serving all the while...
well - I must steady my heart
and remember to not put him
up on a pedestal!

I am blessed, and that would be easy to do...
because he is so much to me Jesus with skin on,
I have to remember that he is not perfect, he is not faultless...
but he is a beautiful visual and a loving representation of
the One who loves me best!
Yes, he points me to the lover of my soul...
but he comes in at a close second
when it comes to loving me
and taking care of us!

Yes - he stands at the sink - and lovingly serves...
he helps to wash away what doesn't belong...
what dirties and stains us...
we tend to gather here, in this kitchen...
often broken on this kitchen floor...
and we allow Dave and Jesus
to wash us clean.

So - honestly - I wrote all of this this morning...and then, this afternoon:

A text saying that he and Jesus had a talk about me...
and we are headed to South Carolina in October!
God opened some doors, and in doing that,
opened our hearts to possibilities,
and Dave will come with me to SC
as I attend #Allume this year...
and then we will linger a bit together
- heading East, or maybe West -
for a few days!

What a great way to enter in
to being Empty Nesters!

Speak Life. Be Love. Shine On.

I am linking up today with my sweet friend Kimberly Coyle as she hosts "Concrete Words"... where you take a concrete word and write about the abstract... today, the prompt today was: "The Sink"


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    1. Well look at you! You really ARE browsing through my Archives! ;) Thanks for commenting in this one... I love it too! <3

  2. What a precious heart felt depiction of your husband and your savior! I especially love what you said about "This turns out to be the best decision I ever made:
    to allow my heart to risk being broken
    and to be "All In" And quite a big announcement at the end there (although I realize that was a couple years ago).

    1. It was a couple of years ago... oh how I wish we could go back every October! It was a wonderful gift!


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