April 30, 2013

The post where I write a letter to the Dreamers in my life...

Every Tuesday, Holley Gerth invites us to Dream Big with God & to press in to all He is stirring up in us... she opens up community to dive in deeper together & today, she has invited us to write a letter to fellow Dreamers in our lives.

To the Dreamers, the ones filled
with Hope & Joy & Vision...
To the ones holding steady & leaning in
to the unknown, the not-yet-seen,
believing for the Dream to
become clearer, more in focus,
as they move forward toward it...
the ones who keep the Dream alive,
living in the day to day, 
sorting through the laundry
& the bills & the dishes...

I am blessed to be surrounded by Dreamers...

My husband:

who Hopes Big, Breathes Deep,
Plays & Works Hard,
& gets caught under the pressure
of being the Provider,
& wishing for a Bigger Dream Life...

My daughter:

who Laughs Full, Gives Generously,
who sees the best in everyone,
much like her Daddy,
& is facing a future that is
Wide Open & Full of Promise,
as well as hints of fears & unknown paths.

My Sisters:

who are self employed,
blazing trails & working all sorts of crazy hours
to make their Dreams come true...
often forgetting to take breaks, eat meals, 
& sometimes see the light of day!

My Friends:

who are in the midst of daily living,
raising babys, paying bills,
making ends meet,
& leaning in to hear Him clearer... 
to follow His lead.
They are taking risks
& trusting Him at His Word.
They are traveling to Africa,
buying houses, quitting jobs...
they are teaching in prisons,
learning online, & kicking fear out...
they are trying to let go, & let God...
with their kids, their finances, their hopes...
They are knee deep in Day to Day
& heart sick in barely living - 
but they press on, for they remember
...ever so faintly... but yes,
they have glimpses & flashbacks...

I am blessed by each of them,

but sometimes I know they forget that
"Dreamer" is who they really are!

So this is to them... The Dreamers...

each & every one of them...
because we all need reminders:

When you hit that snooze button, 

& curl over on to your side...
slowly coming to, stirring out of your slumber, 
in all of your waking up - 
Don't forget to keep right on Dreaming!

When you are tackling your lists,

crossing things of one by one;
when you're so focused on today -
on all it's problems & hurdles - 
Don't forget to peer into Tomorrow
& don't be afraid to make some plans!

When it feels like you are stuck,

with no forward motion...
When it feels like you can't even
remember what you were hoping for...
When you find yourself once again
entertaining fear, doubt, & unbelief - 
Close your eyes... Inhale fully; deeply...
Invite Him in & Open your Heart...
Inch up to the edge, toes hanging over,
Arms stretched out wide,
& Dive In!

Dive in to the Dreaming...

Dive in to the mystery -
to the not knowing...
& look around you!
It may feel like you are all alone
but you are SURROUNDED with Dreamers
who are stepping up & stepping out
& jumping off that cliff
falling hard, risking all,
to soar high with
the Dream Giver, too!

For we Dream Bigger - when we Dream together!
Go ahead... be Brave and Dream with me!

Speak Life. Be Love. Shine On.

I want to see you be Brave!

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