April 11, 2013

When what it FEELS like what you need is more time...

So - if you've been coming around here
for any amount of time really
- it will come as no surprise
to hear me say that on some days...
well - on some days,
there is just not enough coffee!

On some days, the lists feel bossier than normal,
and the mind is spinning faster than I can keep up,
and it can feel as if I am spinning out of control
and going nowhere fast.
Some days it feels like
I have forgotten to breathe.
Seriously... as if I have not once
- through out my day -
actually literally FULLY inhaled.

But oh how we need oxygen!

I saw this little Manifesto on facebook this morning...
it sort of brought me back to Center!

So - while this is the week AFTER Spring Break
and that normally offers me the joyful return to routine...
I have found myself feeling 'behind' and undone...
restless and breathless
and what I felt like I was needing
was more time!

Instead of rushing into my day head on...
I blocked out a chunk of time
(which - remember - I feel short of this week!)
and I cranked up some worship
and found myself curled up in my quiet spot.
Kim Walker-Smith was singing about how "The King is Here"
and I was thinking of how we can feel that
what we need is more time
- but what we REALLY need is to remember
that He is here!

The veil has been torn... He abides IN us...
Wherever we go... He goes.
Whatever we do... He is along for the ride.

When we feel rushed and out of breath...
He never does.

We have the choice to tap into His Kingdom and His way
and simply stopping for a moment and Leaning In...
acknowledging His Presence
- it releases peace and it reminds us that
when we can't (fill-in-the-blank), He CAN!

He holds the answers to every question...  

He relieves the stress and worry of every concern.

When we breathe Him in... our perspectives shift.

Micah said it simply... we get so caught up in bossy lists
and pressures that we either put on ourselves,
or allow others to pile upon us,
but "He has shown you, O Man,
what is good and what does the Lord require of you
but to do justly,
to love mercy,
and to walk humbly
with your God?" 

And while that list isn't long or bossy,
it does require living intentionally
- on purpose, with purpose!

I'm not gonna lie - I love a long and bossy list!
Not every day - but on most days!
It allows me to see what I've accomplished.
It's not so easy to check off:
Do Justly, Love Mercy, or Walk Humbly,
but my hearts' desire is to
accomplish all of those things
- while still crossing off tasks completed.

We have real life things that must get done
- but we get them done so much better
when we remember to invite Him along;
when we remember to ask for help;
when we remember to invite Him in to our daily lives,
He swoops in with all He has to offer
- which is everything!
Every good and perfect gift...
Every Grace and Love and Wisdom...

Our God is relational... He is intimate and passionate...
He desires time spent with us
when we are quiet and listening for Him,
as well as when we are doing the dishes,
paying the bills, or taking care of those around us.

He wants our heart - but He is not needy...

He is here to Give... always to pour out and serve... 

He is not wanting to be a task for you to cross off
- even if it is on the top of your list!

He wants all of your day... and every one of them too!

When I feel like I need more time -
I am learning that what I really need is less striving.

What I really need is Him.
His Presence. His Guidance. His Covering & Blessing.
He is the One, after all, Who lives inside and outside of time.
He holds everything in His hands and when I remember that...
when I remember that while I am limited - He is not...
then it's easier to lean in to Him and to trust!

Some days I think I honestly forget to breath.
Obviously, I DO it... but I am not aware of it.
I don't do it on purpose.
Oh but when I do...
when I slow enough to actually breathe in deep...
filling up lungs to capacity...
and slowly exhale,
(and then do it again and again!)
- well, my body immediately reacts
to the rush of oxygen it receives.
It only takes two, maybe three deep breaths
to bring peace, calm and a realization that
I can breathe without thinking about it
- I CAN cross off my To-Do list
and move on to the next thing...

...but when I breathe (and live) intentionally
- on purpose, with purpose,
He realigns and revives all that is needed
- for this day, for this moment!

Because honestly - what I most need is not more time...
it's not a bossy list crossed off and accomplished.
No - what I most need is Jesus!
It's His Presence and Power - alive and active in me
- it's His leading and Love that I am in need of.  

Only then will I be able to do what He requires...
which is to do justice, to love kindness,
and to walk humbly with Him.

When you give Him
a little of your time...
He gives you more of His!

What do you do when you are feeling
overwhelmed or out of time?
May I encourage you to slow for a moment...
breathe deep... and lean in!

Speak Life.  Be Love. Shine On.

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  1. "We have real life things that must get done
    - but we get them done so much better
    when we remember to invite Him along;
    when we remember to ask for help;
    when we remember to invite Him in to our daily lives,"

    Oh, friend, you speak my heart! Wow! Love this! XO


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