April 24, 2013

When I am Happy and Sad and Excited and Tired and have nothing really to say...

Have you ever felt that way?

I am sure you have... where there are so many different 'feelings' to choose from swirling around that what you think you want (a nap... or chocolate... or fill-in-the-blank) is not what you really need!  

I had plans to write yesterday but in all my excitement in prepping for the big #inrl conference this weekend - hosted in homes and coffeehouses, churches and community centers all over the world - I lost track of time! In fact, I spent the entire day doing fun things... my small group of amazing ladies in the morning... some crafting for my meet up on Saturday... dropped my baby girl off to fly to California (without me... - definitely Happy/Sad!)... then I fixed a quick dinner and hosted another get together where we made handmade tags for a meeting tonight.. And instead of feeling guilty or behind... I let Holley Gerth's words on her post about God-Sized Dreaming linger in the corners of my thoughts!

Then today... a little more Happy/Sad when my dd started texting me... she is spending the day at Disneyland and is LOVING it... (she was so casual about going... I am happy that she is having fun - and I knew she would!)  however I am a little bit sad that I am not experiencing it WITH her.  Still - this trip- this honor of competing at Nationals for her DECA club... she worked hard and she deserves it!  It is simply a reminder that this is the beginning of a new season where she experiences things from afar! I am just so thankful that I am still (one of) the first people she thinks of sharing any stories with!

After hours and hours of computer issues... internet connection trouble (*remember - I am hosting an #inrl on Saturday - so I sort of need an internet connection!) I took a break and went to do some Yoga with a friend... it helped... but instead of feeling refreshed, I am exhausted... I want a nap - but what I NEED is a time out... a bit of sitting in the quiet with the One who holds all the answers that I need...

So - that is what I am going to do! I am going to crank up some Bethel Music... sit back... (and not nap - hopefully!)  Then I am going to go out and enjoy this gorgeous sunshine a bit... I am going to pray for my girlie - in Cali at the Happiest Place on Earth. Of course I think anywhere that she is has that potential!  

..and I am going to pray for the women that will be gathering together all over the world meeting up for (in)RL on Friday and Saturday... I am praying for the ones who will enter my home and my heart... some I will know and some (hopefully) I will not yet... I am praying for those who will be watching it alone... too afraid or too hurt to brave crossing over unknown thresholds!  (It's not too late to join in!)

Would you join me in prayer?  If you need help getting started, I'd love for you to go HERE and read this from my sweet friend Tonya... for now... the music is getting louder - and I am quieting my spirit to listen and pray!

Speak Life, Be Love. Shine On.
(...even when you have nothing to say!)

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