April 15, 2013

#1000Gifts... counting on with Multitudes!

Last week was tough and I'm not even really sure why.

It was the week After... 

The week After a lot of things... a lot of driving, sight-seeing, exploring... a lot of vacationing and fun... a lot of fullness and family and laughter... a lot of noise and busy and rush.

So last week, I was looking forward to the fall-back-into-routine parts... the quiet empty Monday morning, the return of my Happy Intercessors on Tuesday... the slow rhythm of laundry and vacuuming, writing and posting, list-making and picture-taking... but I felt like what I really needed was more sleep... less busy... and more - way more - coffee!

I also noticed that last week - I fell out of the daily habit of Counting... and (I know you won't be surprised) I found once I returned to THAT routine - well... things got much better!

So here are a few things from my list last week:

3 Gifts Waited for:
#1074. Meeting my Great Nephew Ethan Conner
#1075. Breakthrough in Weight Loss Plateau
#1076. Coffee to finish brewing
#1078. Playing with Great Niece & Nephew in the mornings when the rest of the house was sleeping!
3 Gifts Rising Up:
#1079. My Resolve - to get back on track with healthy eating and regular exercising.
#1080. Hope for Change
#1081. My fam - up and out on a Monday morning.
#1088. A Bright Sunshiney Day
#1091. Family serving side by side, Feeding 5,000 for Children of the Nations - assembling meals to be shipped all over the world.
#1092. My girlie - with a FULL day of responsibilities - stepping up (and still finding time to hang with the fam' in between work shifts and DECA work and friends!)
#1094. Date night with my Honey
#1095. Dave (my Honey!) - just consistently being Awesome!
#1099. Mom turning 71 today...
#1100. ...and living right next door so we could celebrate!
#1101. How Jonah Boy follows me from room to room to lay down at my feet (and no, he's not a dog - he's our cat!)
#1102. Morning coffee with Dave and the Word
#1103. Waking up, still in bed... with praises on your lips! Best way to start the day!

Speak Life.  Be Love. Shine On.

I had planned on linking up with Ann this morning - instead, I am posting here... and linking with her in prayer for Boston!


  1. How cool is that, to have your mama right next door. Joining you in prayer for Boston and all of those affected. My heart just breaks!

  2. love this post and I think later on this year I am going to do this. Being grateful is so important, and praying with you for Boston.


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