September 23, 2013 which it begins again!

Today is the day...

My baby girl nearly grown Girlie's first day of school!  This is the first day that I did NOT snap a picture... one of her with her backback, standing outside our front door headed up the path... the first first day of school that she was (maybe?) too old for that... and I'll be honest, it made me more than a little bit sad.  Maybe my chin quivered just a little bit as she walked out the door on her own, into a whole new world.

She is entering completely new territory here... for neither her Dad nor I have graced the halls of campus life.  It's all new... and exciting and scary and even with all the growing and maturing and changing... my prayer for her first day of school is still the same as it always was... "Give favor Lord, with classmates and teachers... help her to have instructors who teach in a way that she can learn from... give her confidence and joy and courage to be who she is, wherever she is... grace, Lord - for her and through her..." All of these things, I pray for her!

...and always, we count on (...Ann Voskamp style!)

#1585 - Fall is finally HERE!  Officially and everything! Planning on slowly taking out Autumn Decor and decking the halls this week (and lighting my yummy fall candles too!)

#1590 - A new freezer (slowly stocking it now!) After 20+ years of marriage, we finally have an extra freezer.  Of course - with only 3 of us - it hasn't been necessary, but it was a gift and I am so thankful for it! Looking forward to adding some staples to it for winter!

#1591 - Knowing glances across a room (or just across a conversation) between my girlie and I... and between my Honey and I... usually followed by laughter!

#1592 - A walk and one on one time to talk with a new friend!

#1593 - A lunch date and photo session...

#1594 - Thankful for a friend who is a pro and was willing to take a few headshots for me!

#1595 - Getting Happy "We're Expecting" news from friends... so precious!

#1596 - Our girlie rec'v enough grants to cover the cost of her classes this year... so all we need to come up with is book money! (Relieved to finally confirm this!)

#1604 - A new recipe for homemade Pumpkin Spice Creamer... buying the ingredients today (which are all 'real' btw!) and mixing it up!

#1606 - Praying for our city... my Honey and I volunteered to pray in a booth at the fair.  We spent 6 hours on Saturday sharing hope and love and encouragement... praying for people for healings, for family issues, for direction... it was such a blessing! (And we get to go back in a couple of days and do it again!)

#1607 - Random wandering at the Fair... the smells and sights of a small town fair (minus a lot of photo's as my phone died - which was a gift as well - to stay completely present in it all!)

Which leads us into #1608 - Having one of my girlies' friends offer me her old iPhone... (I've been praying for one to have before Allume and while it's not a 5... or even a 4... it looks like I will have one and can sign up for one of the classes at the conference for iphone photography! So fun!)

#1609 - Watching my Honey at the Styx concert.  He was SO loving it!  I am just a bit younger - and was not so into that band but did recognize a good number of songs - but for my guitar player hubby - he was playing right along with them on every single riff!

#1610 - My girlie and her friend, planning out their first day! Excited and nervous and happy to have each other!

#1610 - While making all sorts of grown up plans, my girlie still asks my opinion and cares what I think... I have to be mindful to not use this to my own advantage... but I'm continuing to let go and encourage.

#1611 - First day of college = no front step photo.  (Thankful I didn't think of it until she was gone!)

(NOT from this morning!)

#1612 - A fall walk with a friend - early and needing long sleeves and PANTS already?  Great conversation and a good workout... all before coffee!

#1613 - Parents who live right next door... and that we are able to help them out with the little things when they need it! (Moving things around... clearing things out... fixing things... etc!)

#1614 - Fun Pens and a Glittery Binder (getting ready for Allume!)

#1615 - Freedom from guilt... freedom to say no - letting peace be my umpire!

#1616 - A quiet Sunday morning with a lovely stack of books, and a warm cup of healing goodness from my Honey!

 (Organic Honey, Cinnamon, and purified boiling water! So good!)

#1617 - New Boots to complete an outfit for Fall... waiting pays off! (Got 'em for 1/2 off!)

#1618 - Any minute... my girlie will be  home from class and (hopefully) she will have all sorts of words to share.  Counting the gift that she is still home... and still shares!

...and counting on!

What about you? What are you thankful for today? What sort of gifts are you counting?

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  1. Your blog is one of my first go to's. I just love the feel you have here. You are doing Jesus work, and it shows and helps people! Like me!! :)

    1. Sweet Ashley... thank you so very much!

  2. Praying your girl had an awesome first day of school. Yay for grants! I am thankful Fall is here. I might just start drinking coffee again :)

    1. Thanks Barbie! She did... still waiting for her books to arrive, so that is causing her a little stress and yes and amen about grants!

      You know I love all things Autumn and it would be hard to not be able to be enjoying coffee when it's chilly - but then again, there are a TON of yummy teas! Don't throw it all in yet - you've done so well!

      Praying you feel better soon, my friend!
      Thanks for stopping by!

    2. Love the prayer booth! So fun!

  3. Bittersweet isn't it, watching our kids grow up. Such a blessing when they still value our opinions/advice.

  4. Your pictures make me love fall even more. And there is such a feeling of love and warmth here. Blessings to you Karrilee.


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