August 9, 2013

That Weekend "Thing" that I do now... (the 5th Edition)

So - this week has been crazy - in all the best kinds of ways!  On Sunday, I spent hours and hours out at a super fun Event that resulted in literally 100s and 100s of photographs to play with!    

So - that meant a little less online reading time and a lot more online editing.  Still - it is hardly 'work'... and then, on Thursday... something mysterious happened to my phone line.  I blame the guys working up on the cell phone tower but they insist it was not their fault.  Whatever it was... (no - we still don't know... the phone company is sending a guy - sometime in between two days ago and Saturday at 6pm!  Yeah... thanks for that! To quote Brian Regan... they said it was just their policy... 'something about hell on earth...')  Anyway - I have had limited internet - thanks to kind neighbors who let me 'borrow' their wifi.  So - this too has resulted in less online reading time... but don't be afraid.  Since this has turned into a Thing after all, I couldn't leave ya on a Saturday with nothing to read!

So here is my limited take on the Awesome offerings online this week!

Happy Saturday (and Happy Reading!)

*  This post by Holley Gerth, where she reminds us that only God can Do All The Things! ( relax a little bit and open your hands!)

* This one by Donald Miller over at Storyline about creating Community will help you learn the three basic things needed to plant and grow... and hopefully stir you up like it did me!

* This post by Rev. Duane Brown, over at Jennifer Dukes Lee's place this week - where he compares Twinkies with Communion... but for real - somehow it works!

* This post by Lindsay over at Little House Big World on how the memories are more important than the messes.

* This one - because... well, anytime Jen Hatmaker posts something, it will be on my favorites list! 

* This post by Floyd from There Go I, on slowing down and really SEEING with compassion... it will stir you, open your eyes, and hopefully help us all to make a difference and offer grace!

* The post right here on Abiding Love, Abounding Grace that was my favorite to write this week was this one HERE on getting over ourselves and learning to expect the answer to be Yes! 

Lastly - our VIDEO of the week!  Now - this is not new online - but it was new to me, and I thought you'd like to meet Bob the street cat... 

...and here... here is a Bonus video, since we are watching YoutTube Videos about cats, well - I can not TELL you how many times I have watched this one.   So - just in case someone has not yet seen this:

Enjoy your weekend...

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