August 7, 2013

Getting over ourselves, and into the spirit

I am linking up with the incredible Crystal Stine giving you the inside scoop "Behind the Scenes" today, as well as with Jennifer Dukes Lee for "Tell His Story"!

Here goes...

I was invited to attend this amazing Open Call event last weekend.  The theme was Bohemian/Gypsy/Woodstock and it was a photo shoot organized for Models, Photographers, Make-Up and Hair Artists, and Fashion Designers, - to gather and play/work and just have a blast! It was an open call - open to all levels from beginners to pro's - but really, who goes to these things? It's the Pro's, right?

Enter my own insecurities & issues with feeling intimidated. But I cling to my One Word (Surprise!) and I am determined to surprise myself in overcoming!

I love photography... I do it as a hobby and for friends who can't afford to hire a pro - it's a passion and a creative outlet and part of my whole creative make up!  However - put me in a room with 'real' photographers, and I have to fight the urge to blend in to the wall.  I know that I don't know much... I know that I am learning as I go... and what I really WANT to do - is speak up and be bold and take the opportunities to learn FROM the pro's instead of being intimidated BY them.  

I am learning this year to just ignore those thoughts and feelings and take a risk.  So far - every time, it has paid off!  Turns out when you expect the answer to be 'Yes'... you get 'Yes' way more often! (and thank you, Bob Goff!)

So - even though I tried (and tried and tried) to invite some photographer friends to come with me (can someone say comfort zone?) - none could make it.  I was gonna have to be a grown up and just show up on my own.  At the last minute, I invited my girlies' bff.  She has modeled in the past - but never for me... I adore her and she is a natural in front of the camera! Kayelyn was working all day, but her friend was open and eager to come play! 

We headed out in the morning and we had a blast!  I hogged her for a bit too long maybe - but it gave us both a chance to relax and find a groove... I ended up working with four other models in the morning and had so much fun!  It was getting hot, and we decided to come home and rest a bit, then go back for that magic lighting at sunset.  By then, we reasoned - my girlie would be home and she could come play with us too!

However - my girlie was not so into the idea.  Unbeknownst to me, she was fighting off her own insecurities and really didn't want to go and model when there were other professional models there... she wasn't feeling it.  Like... for real.  She was Not. Feeling. It.  Somehow  - between her bestie and I, we managed to get her dressed and in the car and by the time we got there she reluctantly agreed to take one shot in front of an old VW van (her dream car... no joke!)

Yep... my one shot! (Can you just see her excitement?  LOL - now, in her defense - we were sort of going for the 'we don't care/down with the man' attitude!)  I was able to get a few more here, and before I knew it, she was loosening up and... wait for it... seemingly enjoying herself a bit!

She, like me, just took a little while - and needed a little (a LITTLE) prodding and pushing to get over herself and her insecurities and then, before we knew it, we were all having fun!

Is this not like life? We can tend to take it so seriously - and give in to the temptation to compare ourselves and our skills with others.  But in the end, when we can just relax and have fun... Beauty happens!  See? How precious is this?  

I mean really - dress up fun for (nearly) grown girlies... what's not to love?

This event taught me that when I  - or any of us, really - are able to get over ourselves... we can find that we are learning and growing and changing, all in the midst of having fun!  Life is an adventure and it's meant to be lived out loud... when we remember that, get in the spirit of it, and take a risk... oh my how He shines!

Speak Life. Be Love. Shine On.

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  1. Great shots! What a fun experience and so brave of you. We all have a some level of insecurity, even those professionals (I bet). Blessings! Love, Rachael


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