March 31, 2013

Let the Countdown Begin... (in)RL

Oh yes... this is happening!

Yep - it's true! That is a little (in)RL #SwagLove for my Meet-Up at the end of the month!
(OK - I'll be honest - I have already claimed the T-shirt... but everything else is up for grabs!)

So what IS (in)RL, you ask?  Well - I am super excited to be hosting one of the meet-up's so if you are by chance anything CLOSE to 'local' (Yakima, WA area) - please let me know! I would love to have you come hang out with us!  Here is what the website itself has to say about (in)RL:

(in)RL was born out of two years spent listening to women in the comments hre at (in)courage craving local, real life community.  Derived from the social media acronym "IRL" or "in real life," (in)RL is an invitation to share what we've learned about community and encourage women with stories and suggestions for connection deeper in real life. 
Last year nearly 2,000 women from 24 countries participated.
Think of is as a girl's weekend away that doesn't require packing or plane tickets, where women can kick off any expectation of perfect, set aside their fears, their shyness, their worry that they're not good enough, and find some of Jesus' words of rest woven into every video shared here. 
The (in)RL webcast kicks off on Friday, April 26 and (in)RL meetups follow on Saturday, April 27.

For more information - click HERE and be sure to Register.  It is free and you can find a meet up close to you - wherever you are! And if you don't see one close by - consider hosting one yourself! (That's what I am doing... and I don't know if it will be standing room only - or me and one or two others - but whoever comes - I am so excited to meet in real life and create community and talk real together!)

Speak Life. Be Love. Shine On.


  1. I cannot wait to hang out with Jennifer Camp (You Are My Girls) for IRL! I've met her in person before. She hugs well!

  2. Ooooo now I wanna come to YOURS!


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