March 23, 2013

Aaaah - Saturday! How I love thee

Oh Saturday... how you woo me!

It is Spring (and it almost feels like it!) and for some insane crazy reason, (for the love of God... do not tell anyone this...) we have No. Plans. (I mean... nothing. Nothing on the calendar... nothing on little Post It Notes... nothing that needs to get done!)

Sure - there are things we maybe SHOULD do... but... who can know if we will get to those things... after all... this is waiting for me:

I know, right?  Are you not just in love with that little Grateful mug? Gorgeous!   The new Spring issue of FOLK, some Bible reading, Journaling, California trip planning, and coffee... lots and lots of coffee... in this precious new fav!  

I actually bought three - because I couldn't choose... 

These are part of the Ever Grateful collection from Dayspring... 
each cup has a little inscription on the inside rim... 

Super cute, right?  And no - I am not an affiliate... but I like to share the love!  You can order these little beauties here!  They came in a flirty big box filled with fun!  I will post about THAT on another day! (Soon... just a box with a little Swag Love purchased for the upcoming in(RL) conference!)

So - what are YOU up to on this fine Spring Saturday morning?
Do you get to lounge a bit - or do you have Bossy lists of things to do?

Whatever you do, I pray you have a happy Saturday!
Speak Life. Be Love. Shine On.


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