March 4, 2013

Counting on into the 900's

I somehow (thank you Jesus!) stumbled upon A Holy Experience - the blog written by Ann Voskamp.  It was through her blog that I discovered her first book, 'one thousand gifts'.  It took me all of 3 seconds to order this book and only days later did I have it in my hands.

I am normally an avid inhaler of books one after another but with Ann's... well... I sensed in the beginning that this was not a meal to be scarfed down! So a couple of months later, I was still only a few chapters in... but I had taken to counting gifts early on.  I am mostly consistent and while it is not a huge shift in me... I had already let the Lord change my bent to be a faith girl... one who used to wallow in What If's and If Only's but now I make the enemy work real hard to get me to go there! Oh - I still go there... but it's no longer my default.  So making a pretty journal and counting gifts felt right... normal... but what was NOT normal was the gifts I found myself counting... and not just counting - but meaning it! Actually being thankful for the hard eucharisteos that were - that are - coming at me.

So - without further ado... I am linking up with Ann and a multitude of others on Monday... counting gifts (and I am almost giddy that I am into the 900's already!)

A few Gifts... randomly taken from my Journal this past week...

#884 My worn out Bible... falling apart and all marked up

#887 Encouragement from online friends
#892 Filling my home with friends and prayer
#894 Laying down a Dream when it feels too soon
#895 Facing up to and owning the laziness that has snuck in and interrupted my fitness routine.

#897 (Gifts from the past that help you trust the future:) prophecies spoken but not yet come to pass
#900 SHIMMERING Glitter Paint

#903 A Sweet text from my Honey
#904 Peace and Joy replacing mourning and sadness - finding gifts in Kayelyn not playing tennis this year.
#906 Watermelon, berry, and lime juiced fresh!
#909 My Honey doing dishes, changing spark plugs, fixing things around the house and doing yard work and STILL having time on Saturday to go fishing and meet a friend for coffee.
#910 The Lizzie Bennett Diaries
#919 A Gorgeous Drive with the fam

#921 Stopping along the way home to take pictures

and so far, today...
#926 Quiet Slow Monday mornings
#927 Old photographs - switched out with seasonal decorations!
#928 Morning Hugs goodbye


  1. Lovely! You are so far ahead of me! You have encouraged me to continue writing out my thanks to God and I am going to include you in my list today. I am so thankful to have met you! :-)

  2. I'm thnking I'm going to do this soon, I love stopping to thank god for all the blessings

  3. I love Ann's book. I started counting gifts last year and got over 600, but then I stopped. I can't believe I gave up. I've been wanting to pick it up again. Challenge me? I need to be thankful!


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