March 29, 2013

Be the Song... Walk in Tune...

"...and what does it mean,"
I asked, "to follow your heart?"
She laughed and beat on her drum.
"So you want my secret recipe?" she said.
I said yes.
"To follow your heart
is as simple as closing your eyes
and listening to the rhythm of your soul song.
Once you find the beat,
you will always walk in tune...." 
                                                                             ~ (#197) Monique Duval

Ah - yes... to listen to the rhythm of your soul song and walk in tune! THIS is the secret recipe to living a life wholeheartedly... to live in the present, fully present... to be authentic and learn to grow into your own skin!

Some say it happens around 40... for us women; for us who tend to be people-pleasers and want everyone to adore us... (or was that just me?)  I remember witnessing the shift with my sister, at 40... it gave me hope!  Something just sort of snapped within her - in the best possible way!  She said something shifted and she didn't seem to care as much about what other people thought of her, and she said she was just not gonna take anyone's crap anymore... well then!

I have a wonderful freeing truth for you... you don't have to wait!

I decided soon after her transformation that I was going to follow suit!  40 (back then!) was still a few years off, but I wanted my only stronghold to be Jesus!  Why wait another handful of years to live free and be happy? Why not just stand up tall in who I am right now - and glory in the gifts He's given that can point back to Him and acknowledge my own shortcomings and say, "Yeah - I'm human... I mess up - but isn't He just amazing?"

I decided I wasn't going to wait for 40... that was the best decision I ever made!

I beg of you... don't you wait either!  Don't wait... don't wait for another day to lean in to your dreams... to step into your true self and be who you were created to be!  Too many shy away from Brave... too many try to Blend In, or worse yet, Cut Down in order to Feel Tall... too many among us are All Grown Up and yet still So Small and Unsure of what our Soul Song even sounds like!

Follow your heart... Reach for your Dreams... Blaze a new trail and leave a path for others to follow your lead.  Live loud... Share Deep... Be Bold and Humble at the same time... Offer Hope... Be Love... for there are watchers out there... trapped in observing and unable to really live.  So let's show them what Freedom really looks like!

Can I share my own secret with you?  You most likely won't hear the melody of your soul song until you lean in and start to sing out loud... take a risk.  Share who you really are - not someday.. not who you HOPE to be... but who you really are - today... on this day.

Hold successes and failures in both hands out in front of you... share what you have learned from both of them... for when we are open and honest, first with ourselves and then with others - our soul song rises up and others can join in with their song and we create a Symphony of Lives Lived Well.

We were made for connection... for community... and when we live Open - we offer Hope to others who are right in the middle of their own messy Real... The chorus shouts, "We're in this together! We are not alone!"

Join me, won't you?  Sing at the top of your lungs... head back, hands raised, living out who He created you to be...

Be the song... Walk in Tune...

Can I give you just a little advice?  Choose this radical life of soaring with Him... of living loud and real and taking risks... choose it every day!  Some days it will still feel scary and maybe even too risky... but the more we lean in - the higher we fly; the more we stay open - the easier the choice becomes...and soon... well soon it isn't a choice, but a lifestyle!

Let's live side by side... singing our songs... living a naturally supernatural life, bringing praises to our King!
Who's with me?

Speak Life.  Be Love.  Shine On.


  1. Amen!! I'm not going to wait I'm going to live now in who Iam in Christ!!

  2. Trying to figure out what exactly I'm afraid of... Why can't I just let go and be me?

    Encouraging words here, Karrilee! So glad I found you!


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