December 31, 2012

2012 Recap - Highlighting some Favorite Posts

Happy New Year's Eve!  Can you even believe that 2012 is nearly over and done with (and many would say a hearty Good Riddance and Amen!) and 2013 is literally just hours away now!

Several fellow Bloggers took today to reflect back over their year and their blog and highlight some of the posts that meant the most to them - or their readers... and I thought I would follow suit! (Thank you Lindsey for the inspiration!)

January 2012 started out much the way it has for several years, with me setting aside some time to pray and ask the Lord for a Prophetic Word for the year... you can read that HERE and see if it rings true in your own life, over your own 2012!

In February, I found the Lord romancing me and I shared my heart about wanting to Look right at Him and then in March I wrote a post about how His Furious Love overwhelms every 'less than'!

Then, on this blog as well as on my other, life got hard and in all reality - it was hard to keep myself from drowning... writing and creating got pushed to the back as healing and restoring was taking most of my time!

In July, going through The Inspired Life with Michelle Perry, I posted about Spiritual Geography.  This online 'class' was a lifeline for me at a time that I NEEDED it most!

In September I posted about how I discovered I had been Standing in my own way, and I also joined Emily at Chatting at the Sky in writing a Dear Me letter to my teenage self!

October I participated on #31 Days and posted on Fall and loved every one -which you can read HERE, or a few of my favorites here: Five Minute Friday: Race, Day Reason 26, and Day Reason 31.

In November I blogged about Leaving a Mark - a Legacy of Love, as well as another FMF post: Stay.

Here we are in December, and a few highlighted posts involve See-Through Christmas Trees & Searching for Identity (Tuesdays Unwrapped), I guest posted at Kimberly Coyle's Find Time for Tea HERE.  I asked if it was feeling like Christmas, and lastly, a challenge if Ponder with Purpose over 2012!

So - that brings us up to date and I hope to have a new Word for 2013 to post within the next few days!

What about you? What are you hearing for 2013?  What is your One Word? (Check out OneWord365 for more info!)

I have mine... but I am keeping it quiet and pondering it over... it chose me and to be honest, it seriously scares me - but I think in a good way!

Happy New Year!

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