December 11, 2012

Searching for Identity - Tuesdays Unwrapped

I am joining in with Emily Freeman today - this Tuesday, and sharing a blessing unwrapped...

We had been trying for weeks to get together over coffee to simply catch up in person! Facebook and emails are great - but nothing replaces the joy of face to face fellowship with a kindred-spirit friend! We both had to reschedule a couple of times, when at last - the reason for gathering was urgent, and no longer casual. I recognized it in her Mama's heart... the way her voice was just a little shaky, and her words couldn't mask the emergency of her emotions.  Coffee would be tomorrow... in the privacy of home, with purpose and prayer.

I grabbed my Bible, said a prayer to hear Him... to be Him to her in the moment... to offer wisdom that is not my own - and off I went.  Ironically, on my way to her, I got a text from another Mama hurting... one whom I hadn't talked to in ages... praying with understanding had reached it's end before I even pulled out of my driveway.  But isn't it in the midst of the broken, that He loves to rush in like a flood and bind up our wounds?  It was then and there - on that short drive across town, that I began to see more value in my own struggles, my own emergencies, my own scars only recently healed. He truly DOES use all things together for good... To both of these precious sisters, my prayer was to be real... to let Him use 'all things' to pour out and encourage them!

We sat across from each other over mugs, sipping coffee and sharing hearts...

Raw, authentic, searching... Amen!

"...lovely, messy, unexpected" - for sure!

I loved how even in the midst of her speaking - she was allowing the Holy Spirit to edit her words - in order to maintain Honor.  This was a painful lesson I learned just months before the hard way, so I recognized it for what it was - wisdom and grace.  The struggle and strain to honor those who have hurt us, even when they are not (yet) being honorable. It was sheer beauty!

We talked, we laughed a little, and cried a little, and we bowed our heads, our hearts, even our hopes and dreams... and we prayed. Peace came in... Love showed up... we could feel a shift - even if it was mostly wishful thinking, we felt faith swoop in and lift it up!  And then, almost as an after thought, she said she had just one more question and then I could go!

"What are your thoughts on rebellion?"

Hmm... ok - well, at least it's an easy question?

I had to take a moment to regroup. I prayed silently... not quite sure what to say... not quite sure what she was looking for.  I asked the Lord to tell me what HE thinks of rebellion (from this side of the Cross) as that is what truly matters.  His answer was quick and sure and took the breath right out of me.  We sat quietly as I let it wash over me, through me and found once again, the air to speak:

"Rebellion is simply a cry for Identity.  Rebellion is an active searching out for who you really are."

As I let this soak in, I reflected back over my own life, and the lives of my children... from toddler age to teenage... yes! This is it!  As I spoke it out loud, we both saw the truth in it... and for both of us, it shifted our perspective on acts of rebellion.  Consequences will come... I am not saying to ignore it... but now, after hearing His heart on the matter - how can I not look at one in rebellion and take every opportunity to speak Life, and speak Love... to speak into their identity and who God has created them to be! How can we not?  After all - in all the messiness of it, that is what their heart is longing for... even when (or maybe especially when) they do not know it!

Love Wins... and Love Does!

No matter the circumstance, Be Love today, my friend!
It's who you really are!


  1. This is sooooo good. Thanks for sharing with us! And thanks for the visit!!

  2. Anonymous12:24 PM

    That kind of open honesty and emotion, wow, I can identify. Something to work through with prayer and you make a good point about honoring the other person! Thanks for sharing this :)


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