December 11, 2012

I am the Girl...

I am taking up the prompts from the lovely Jennifer Camp's post on You Are My Girls... sometimes it is good just to speak out some declarations of who we are!  I encourage you to do this too... some of them are more 'speak things that are not as though they are' statements - adding a measure of faith to them, as they come into being!

I am the girl who believes that she is . . . Destined for everyday greatness! I believe that I am called and loved and watched over... that I am sent and covered and equipped - even on the days that I simply don't feel it, because even when I am not consistent, HE is!

I am the girl who loves . . . to laugh! A little giggle, or a Laugh Out Loud belly laugh.  I love it... ("Smilings my favorite!")  I am blessed with a seriously hysterical family - sometimes a bit sarcastic, but never in a biting way... quick witted... that is what they say about us! I laugh every day... I think it is important!

I am the girl who runs away from . . . confrontation, although I am getting healthier, and better educated and equipped to know that there is such a thing as HEALTHY confrontation - a confrontation done in love, dripping with grace and honor and an offer of restoration! I find myself running less... but still shrinking back out of habit!

I am the girl who hides when . . . feelings of insignificance or invisibility arise.  When I enter a room and find no friendly faces, no eyes to connect to  - my flesh wants to hide a bit, to lean back against the wall and observe awhile... and yet it's my heart that desires to connect and to commune and be filled up and to pour out.  I am learning that when I want to lean... I lean IN, not out! Take the risk... cross the room.  Chances are, someone else is feeling the same way and is needing a hand and heart extended too!

I am the girl who laughs when . . . (see above comments on laughing!)  I laugh every day... I laugh at my husband and my daughter, I laugh at my friends and family, I laugh often at myself - both because sometimes I am just funny, and sometimes I am downright clueless! I laugh at facebook and twitter and every once in awhile at a tv show.  I laugh when everyone else laughs, and - sadly - I laugh alone (when everyone else knows enough NOT to laugh!)

I am the girl who cries when . . . someone is crying... or when He simply shows up and overwhelms me with His Presence. I am tender-hearted and I can feel your pain; I can sense it.  I used to hate this, but I have come to see it for the gift that it is and I have learned that even though it is a gift - I have the power to have boundaries with it! Some 'things' are not mine to take on!

I am the girl who grew up . . .  in a small town... the same small town I live in now and I have never left!  My husband grew up here too... we have raised our daughter here, and she - now looking at colleges, is not wanting to go too far away!  We are blessed with family close by (literally - some are neighbors!) and I LOVE this town.  I am only recently wishing I would have taken some risks and gone on some adventures and even as I type this out, I hear Him whispering, "It's not too late!"

I am the girl who struggles with . . . knowing what I hunger for, and yet not knowing how to release it and bring it into being!  I hunger for freedom in worship... for an abiding... a waiting on Him, expecting and anticipating for Him to show up... I hunger for preparing Him room... and then letting Him do or say whatever He wants in and over us! I have tasted and I have seen and I struggle with the next step in seeing this come to pass in the church - in my church.

I am the girl who longs for . . . the Father's Heart to be made manifest... for the world yes, but for the BODY to experience the scandalous grace and wild abundant love that the Father has for us!

I am the girl who knows . . . how to pray.  I love the Lord and I have confidence that He loves me back... well - first - He loves me first!  I know He hears me when I pray and I know that when I pray, things happen! I also know that He wants us ALL to be able to say this!

I am the girl who is tired of . . . playing games in church... I want the Real... I want the Red Parts... I want the Power & Grace & Signs & Wonders... I want the Bride to rise up and LOVE... I believe I want what He already paid for!

I am the girl who is afraid of . . . never following through with her calling.  I am the girl who is afraid of getting side tracked again and again and again. I am the girl who oh so often finds her plate piled high with all things good - but is left wondering what it was again that was MOST important, and how do I prioritize my days in order to accomplish all that He has for me?

I am the girl who  . . .  is just now, at (gasp) 42, stepping into the pieces of me and standing tall in who I am ... in Whose I am.  I am a Bride... and my aim, my goal, my call is to let His Love so shine through me that others will bask also in the Light of the World!  My desire is to Speak Life... to Be Love... to Shine Forth!

I am the Girl who loves Him... and you!

So, who are YOU?  How would YOU answer these prompts? I would love to hear!
From one of His Girls...


  1. Sweet Karrilee, I love the adventure you are on with Him, right now! You are beautiful, girl. So blessed by your heart--the Life within you that you share with such joy and abundance! Thank you!

  2. Hi Karrilee,

    Great reading how you answered Jennifer's prompts...Like you, I can cry when I am overwhelmed by His love and presence, and when another cries, or at a sad movie...yes...glad I found your blog; I was trying to find it after you left such a sweet comment on my blog once. Blessings :)


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